Garden Design Exhibition 7-Inclined Garden Ideas, Steps and Retaining Walls

In this episode, professional international garden designer Rachel Matthews will introduce sloping gardens, steps, and how to deal with retaining walls and level changes. She will show her simple way to connect the different levels of change in the garden. This video is a quick sketch challenge of an existing garden in Scotland and needs to be redesigned so that retaining walls and steps can be added. You will learn how Rachel sketched an existing sloping garden to redesign it using oval and curved shapes. Rachel will also discuss techniques and ideas for placing steps and retaining walls. She will discuss how wide or narrow the steps should be and how it affects the retaining wall you will build. This will also help make the garden look and feel bigger. You have to think about the entire garden… She will also handle level changes and proceed in a way that the garden looks more attractive. She will provide you with advice on step level measurements and average measurements. She will also mention some suggestions on what you can put next to the retaining wall, such as dense planting as a barrier so that no one will fall from the terrace, which also makes it feel more open in that area. At the end of this episode, through a few simple garden design sketches, you will see how effective the shapes of lawns and terraces are, and how curves can lead your eyes to the garden landscape. What do you hope to see in future shows? I would love to know your thoughts on future programs so that it can be as beneficial to you as possible. Leave a comment in the comment box below. I know which topics you would like me to delve into in future episodes? You can also subscribe to Garden Design Show: on iTunes.


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