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  • Marloo Stanfield 1 year ago

    Its a car fire all them guys 4that with a chief but thrn u got a guy telling another guy 2 hit water on it after using a fire extinguisher.Thought I was watching clowns from a circus putting this fire out could u imagine if it was a house.The longer the video gos on the more of a joke it sounds.

  • Jay_The_Gamer/JTG 1 year ago

    dont cry over the smart car

  • KGPHOTOGRAPHY _ 1 year ago

    These are the world most lazy fire fighters I've ever seen lmaoo

  • Colin Peaslee 1 year ago

    the look like retarded firemen who want to play fallow the hose leader

  • Michael Pozirekides 1 year ago

    That gas tank was stubborn I see.

  • mikey bosco 1 year ago

    man awsome footage

  • Wrfd46ff 1 year ago

    They did a great job saving the air in the scba's

  • Kirk Wilson 1 year ago

    they need to have Purple K in those extinguishers since all these car have an ethanol based fuel today purple K will even put out magnesium fires

  • Vandi Gaming 1 year ago

    I think if they used a fog nozzle it would've been better

  • BadDrivers Pennsylvania 1 year ago

    Someone stuck a knife in the toaster…

  • Chris lopez 1 year ago

    they must have been playing my mixtape

  • 0zzyninja 1 year ago

    Nice work leaving the hooligan tool on the ground like that. Workplace safety is not a consideration.

  • Kelly S 1 year ago

    Not quite sure why SCBAs were not worn

  • DaDuTchMan2357 1 year ago

    Man, He Must Of Just Filled Up At The Gas Station. Damn Stubborn Fire. Good Video!

  • Manoel Gomes Filho 1 year ago


  • MegaFantomet 1 year ago

    People die of hunger because americans are so fatty.

  • MegaFantomet 1 year ago

    Fatty americans….

  • ElectronSpark 1 year ago

    Legend has it it's still burning to this day.

  • Alan Elthorp 1 year ago

    On a car fire you should be spraying foam not water the gas tank was ruptured