The shelter is an infrastructure that provides shelter and has also become part of the garden equipment. It is a cover that serves to shelter from the elements and can be made using different materials. Often the classic shelters are seen at bus stops or at the train station, in reality the model that has been decided to integrate into the gardens follows the same line. As a guideline, it is always placed above the door of the house to make it easier to enter and leave the house when the days are gloomy. By offering shelter it could also represent an area of ​​the garden, where you have a covered space to be able to place objects underneath that require particular care.

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garden canopiesThe materials used for the construction of a shelter are: Wood, iron. In this case we refer to the choice of material for the construction of the support structure, in the case of wood, usually a rather rustic roof is combined with tiles, in the case of iron the roof can be even more modern using plexiglass. In the case of the canopy with roofing with tiles, the effect of an attic is recreated and in this case it is certainly not possible to admire the sky, the wood used for the structure is always treated with specific substances so that it can guarantee an unlimited duration over time. . The substances used are mostly natural so that they do not cover the grain of the wood. The iron canopy reproduces a model used in the nineteenth century, which also presented decorative motifs that completed and embellished this structure. Obviously the canopy can also be made of wrought iron if you want to have a customized canopy with particular designs and motifs. Modern canopies mainly associate steel structures with glass or plexiglass. The transparent materials allow you to be protected but still enjoy the beauty of the sky. They are an excellent solution for coverings, if they are made in the dining area or in the relaxation area.

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The shelter can have a rather classic rectangular shape, or the same structure can give it a more particular shape. The line of the structure is very important because it decisively determines the style to be given to the space in which it is located. It can be enriched with different decorative motifs that certainly contribute to giving it a rather baroque air, and obviously it will also be necessary to choose it in the materials that lend themselves to a particular processing and that are rather malleable. For a minimalist style it is better to focus on shelters with a rigorous and essential style.

The wall unit can be purchased and ready to be assembled in DIY stores or in outdoor furniture stores. Alternatively, you can always think of making it yourself by purchasing only the necessary material. In the case of the construction of a wooden shelter, it is first of all necessary to create a drawing that will be very useful in the design phase and above all to define the dimensions of the same for the purchase of the material. The wood can be purchased at a do-it-yourself shop or at a carpentry shop, always explaining the use that will be made of it. To be able to install it it is important to have a minimum of skills, and to know the fixing techniques, as, being exposed to the elements, it must be quite solid. If the wood is sold in its natural state and therefore has not been subjected to any treatment, it will then be necessary to purchase protective substances in order to make it even more resistant to rain. These products must be specific for wood and before using them it is essential to read all the instructions carefully.

The shelter has a cost that varies according to the size and material chosen. The canopies for sale in the shops certainly have a lower cost than a canopy commissioned to a craftsman, as could happen in the case of the construction of a wrought iron canopy. In this case, it is certainly necessary to consider rather long times before delivery because the shelter will require a rather considerable effort and the customer will have the possibility to customize it as he sees fit. Only in this way is it possible to insert particular ornamental motifs, which may not be present on the market. Before commissioning it, you can always request a quote to see if it can match your budget or buy one ready for installation directly in the shop. Obviously then it comes to completely personal tastes and choices.

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