In your garden, in addition to arranging several areas reserved for children’s play and relaxation, it is also necessary to prepare a place to store all the objects used for gardening and to store the foldable furniture elements used only on special occasions, to store all these objects need to buy a garden wardrobe.The garden wardrobe takes the shape of the classic wardrobe that we all have at home but designed for outdoor use in fact it can be exposed to rain and the scorching sun without deforming or damaging itself even if always It is advisable to place it in a sheltered place, available in various sizes in order to perfectly adapt to all the needs of those who have to buy it.The outdoor wardrobe is used to store all the tools and furnishings of the garden but, in case of need, it can also store objects that do not have space to store them in the house so it can be a valid remedy for those has a large garden and a small house.The internal space of the garden wardrobe designed to contain any type of object in fact the shelves and the various shelves can be positioned in a personalized way in order to make this wardrobe suitable for storage of any element it is therefore possible to prepare a space to store brooms and shovels or to place the various shelves to store small and delicate objects. Given their great versatility, garden cabinets can be found in many different shapes and sizes even if the small wardrobes that can be positioned in the less used places in the garden and therefore do not occupy the space reserved for other furnishing accessories while maintaining their function of storing objects.

Garden cabinets are designed to be exposed to the elements, therefore, the materials in which they are made must withstand various climatic conditions without getting damaged and without damaging their contents, for this reason, they are mainly made of plastic or wood.

Plastic garden cabinets are the cheapest choice of wardrobe, they are very resistant but also light so it is very easy to move them from one place to another. The plastic cabinets can be of any shape and size and it is also possible to choose between different shades of color, passing from soft to dark tones and there are also two-tone models. This type of cabinet made with a very thick plastic but if it is subjected to a strong impact it can split so it is advisable to place the plastic cabinet in a place where it can hardly suffer shocks. To clean the plastic wardrobe it is necessary to use a neutral detergent in order to easily eliminate any type of stain and does not require any particular maintenance. garden furniture, are very resistant and durable and, at times, can resemble small houses where we can store all our tools. This type of wardrobe is usually heavier than the plastic one, therefore more difficult to move, available in a colored version even if you prefer to buy it in the natural color of the wood so that it retains its naturalness. The wooden cabinets are treated before sale with special paints designed to protect the wood from the elements, therefore periodic maintenance is necessary and, from time to time, the wood must be repainted to restore the initial protection so that the cabinet can last perfectly in the time.

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Before buying your garden wardrobe, decide well where to place it so that you can buy one suitable for the space you have available as there are models of various sizes that bought badly you would not have the opportunity to place.

It is advisable to place the garden wardrobe in a slightly sheltered place (for example under a canopy or under a pergola) so that it is not constantly exposed to the sun and rain, remember to always lean it against a wall to make it much more stable. and safe.Small garden cupboards can also be used outside terraces and balconies to store items that don’t find space in the house.

To buy large garden wardrobes you can go to outdoor furniture stores or DIY stores while if you need a small model you can buy it in any shopping center, generally, the garden wardrobes are sold disassembled and then you have to proceed with the assembly by yourself even if this is a very simple and quick operation to carry out.

Usually the inside of these cabinets is empty so you can arrange the shelves and shelves in order to allocate the right space for each accessory that you need to store, if you need space for the brooms and brushes, leave a cabinet door without shelves. so as to have the necessary space while if you have to keep bags of seeds it is advisable to put them first in a container and then in the cabinet in order to avoid that, in case the bag breaks, the seeds are dispersed in the cabinet.

Garden cabinetsDon’t just call them wardrobes.

They are the custodians of all the useful tools to take care of your green space, the containers of everything you need in the garden, but which cannot live within sight! Garden cabinets are the last space-saving frontier for outdoor spaces; a single piece of furniture in which to store crockery, garden tools and all that you might need.And all in very little space and above all with a large variety of models They are called this because in their shape they look a lot like real wardrobes, one or two doors, of medium size, but they have much more the shape of furnishing furniture, they integrate very well with the rest of the furniture and are available for any price range

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