The barbecue is the activity to which we often dedicate ourselves during our free time to spend pleasant moments in the company of friends. Cooking meat requires passion and patience, a method in use almost everywhere, and in Italy especially those who have a garden do not give up this culinary tradition, also because foods cooked in this way have a different flavor. In addition to being a method used in the private environment, it is also often found in restaurants where the shape of the barbecue is completely different as it has to cook a greater amount of food. The barbecue should be used outdoors as it often causes smoke to escape.


barbecue in the gardenThe etymology of the word is not clear, it seems that it derives from the word barbacoa, which means barbecue on a ship. Today, there are several methods of cooking on the barbecue. At one time the only system was that of cooking meat on a grill with wood used as fuel. Currently, systems have been studied that allow for identical cooking with the same flavor but in a much faster time. It should be emphasized that before roasting the meat it is necessary to light the charcoal well in advance, in the case of a charcoal barbecue, which in any case involves a certain time, which does not happen if you use a gas barbecue.

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The choice of the best barbecue also depends a lot on the location of your garden: if you live in an isolated area, then you won’t have to worry about the production of smoke, which could be very annoying if, next to our garden, there is another home. . The barbecue with the chimney, made of masonry, is able to overcome this problem, because the smoke reaches very high before dispersing.

Different dishes can be cooked on the barbecue, from meat, to vegetables, to fish, and no lid is required. It is a technique that allows even very fatty meat to be served dry, because the fat tends to melt in direct contact with the fire. For those who do not wish to afford the expense of a barbecue, they can always decide to build one by themselves: they just need to buy the necessary material. Many make it only with a couple of rows of bricks and a leaning grill, under which the fire is lit.

It is important to remember that the barbecue lit in this way, in areas where there are many trees, could cause problems so you must always pay close attention. The foresight in lighting the barbecue is never too much, and greater safety offered by the gas barbecue.

The garden, through the barbecue, is completed and enriched, even those who have a small space can always decide not to give up this pleasure. On the market there are really various models including the resealable ones, which are very comfortable to use even on the balcony, when spring days do not yet allow you to stay in the garden.

Each barbecue made with different material. When choosing the model that best meets your needs, you must also consider the size, because a small grill does not allow food to be cooked for more than four people. Some barbecues also have double grills which can be used to keep cooked meat warm. Furthermore, those who are eager to have a state-of-the-art barbecue in their garden will certainly find the model that meets their tastes. There are some that even allow you to cook chicken on a spit, while others, equipped with a gas stove, allow you to have a small kitchen directly in the garden. The barbecue in addition to guaranteeing a tasty cooking of food is also synonymous with joy to share in the company of friends.

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