Looking at current trends in the outdoor world, it turns out that design increasingly draws a line of continuity between interiors and exteriors, modulating a composition in which the passage from inside to outside, and vice versa, presents numerous points of contact. and similarity.Having an outdoor space available, which is a real garden, but also a simple terrace, can mean the possibility of creating a place of peace and relaxation.Whether large spaces or small corners are available, the recipe does not change: in addition to flowers and plants, our outdoor space is increasingly called upon to respond to aesthetic and leisure needs. Furnishing the outside thus becomes the opportunity to create an extra alternative for living in the home, spending one’s time and time shared with others.
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garden armchairsThe moment of getting into an armchair is perhaps one of the best moments of the day! Having the opportunity to sit in an armchair in a garden is certainly an added value. The modern needs for peace and relaxation can, at times, be really satisfied thanks to little. Returning from a particularly busy day at the office, taking a breath after hours spent behind the house and children, having a comfortable and welcoming place to receive friends: all excellent opportunities to get into an armchair. Even in the garden or on the terrace. Not only in the summer, as well as the Mediterranean architecture and culture they transmit to us. A willingness to live in the open air is also increasingly gaining ground in our country, even challenging the less mild climate of the winter season. Just get organized and find suitable solutions, which often also allow you to play on interesting variations from an aesthetic point of view, adding elements that give the garden, so to speak, a winter look.

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garden armchairs If in summer the most special moments may be those spent lying on an armchair that allows us to look at the stars and enjoy the coolness, in winter it is almost always the warmth of the four walls that has the greatest appeal.

Yet we are witnessing a new trend, which comes above all from Scandinavian countries: organizing ourselves in such a way as to be able to experience the terrace or garden even in winter as a place of relaxation and contact with greenery. Raw wood and recycled materials can be perfect not to fear the signs of rain and humidity. To have a comfortable armchair in the garden, we can use the boards of a bench, spread out a mattress and some cushions to obtain a comfortable backrest. But also an old rocking chair, perhaps recovered in a garage or in a market, are a great way to give our private corner of peace a warm and lived personality.Otherwise companies today provide plastics, resins and synthetic materials for the outdoor furniture that is also well suited to withstand rain and cold without being affected as it can happen to wood. a soft and white sheepskin, to be left perhaps as an armchair cover so as to give your seat a new dress compared to the summer version.A small mushroom warmer can help us, finally, if we do not want to give up reading our favorite book lying under the sky by now late winter.

garden armchairs We can ask our open space to be a small private corner, or to be the place where we like to welcome friends for an aperitif or a meal in the open air.

Even if our space is small, there are endless possibilities to personalize it. A large jar in which we would have stored the pebbles collected by the sea this summer, a green plant, perhaps in bloom, and our Ikea Ammero armchair. In hand-woven plastic, with a slightly retro line, it perfectly imitates the wicker armchairs, while guaranteeing a better performance than outdoor use. Also from Ikea, PS Vago is one of the most fashionable armchairs of the moment. Made of maintenance-free polypropylene plastic, it is available in white, black and yellow. Wide seat, essential shape, it really adapts to any style.In Polyrattan, a highly resistant and versatile synthetic fiber, the garden armchair proposed by Atmosphera recalls a shell with an open shell, so as to be wrapped and well protected, in an grande charme.Demiluna is the ideal armchair for those who love bright colors full of energy, in soft and enveloping shapes. Made of nylon padded with polystyrene pearls, washable simply with a damp cloth, it resists, as guaranteed, in all weather conditions. So light and easy to handle, it can also be transported easily to the beach.If, on the other hand, you can count on large spaces and your idea is to experience the garden as a place for parties and meetings, to be able to have modular elements, such as corner armchairs , can be the ideal solution. These armchairs can, in fact, be used individually, but also composed with others of the same series, so as to be able to expand the seats in case of guests.On the market, we found the proposal by Vondom really interesting, with the corner armchair, modular with other seats from the collection, Vela Butaca. In rotationally molded polyothylene, a 100% recyclable material resistant to extreme climatic conditions (-60 ° C to 80 ° C), with a high resistance to UVI rays. The finishes can be, optionally, glossy, opaque and with the possibility of lighting.

If you have a garden, the choice and purchase of sofas and armchairs must be considered as essential to recreate a relaxing and comfortable environment in your garden where you can spend your free time in peace.

Setting up a real living room where sofas and armchairs can harmonize and be coordinated. There are many garden models so choosing the one that suits you and you like the most will not be difficult. The models reproduce styles that your living room is inspired by and that therefore they must also inspire the purchase of all the furnishing accessories for the living room. The materials? Apart from the intertwined natural fibers that characterize the ethnic style, the armchairs are made of wicker, various types of wood, metal material, iron beaten also lacquered are just some of the materials with which it is possible to create perfect furniture for your garden.

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