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Which animals can you find in your garden? Do you know? Steve is on garden safari with Maggie in this ESL story for kids. Join them and learn some new English words! Let’s see what’s hiding in Steve’s garden. Oh Maggie, what a big snail! And a ladybird! Wait! Steve is smaller! Maggie, you naughty, naughty bird. HAVE FUN with Steve and Maggie funny stories and learn English. ——————– Steve and Maggie Halloween Game Download for Android: Download for iOS: . Wow! teaching materials for kids Request books: Support us and you will receive a personalised birthday message for your child from Steve Patreon: Full video clips and songs (Show for kids with Steve and Maggie) Amazon: Songs for kids iTunes: Spotify: Merchandise (T-shirts, mugs, bags, …) SpreadShirt: ——————– Follow us on Social: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: ——————– Produced by © Wattsenglish Ltd. © Video Rating: / 5 Insects insects there are so many kinds! Let us go to the garden and learn all about them! An original garden song written by MNOP Kids to learn about all the interesting insects we can find! MNOP Kids create quality animated videos with activities to help little learners explore their world, stimulate the imagination and develop a love for the Creative arts. ★ MNOP Kids create videos with activities. To download the activities, please click: Our songs and stories are original content created by our own team of educators and story-tellers, putting together positive values in a fun and enjoyable story. Never miss an MNOP video. ★ Subscribe to our channel at ★ Our youtube channel:… We hope you will enjoy MNOP videos and songs. All our videos come with activities to help retain learning through […]

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