Every house, even the smallest but with a small green corner, can be transformed into a relaxation corner of extraordinary beauty. The relaxation corner, as the word itself says, is used for rest, for sleeping or for doing nothing, in short, it must be a single space where the word work must be banned. For all those who want to have a beautiful and functional home also outside, it is essential to take care of every detail and particular. There are numerous accessories that can embellish the garden, having a well-kept garden is undoubtedly an excellent business card. So even outside a house you can create a livable and above all functional space. The important thing is to enhance the spaces so that the garden becomes a perfect place to enjoy rest, organize dinners, welcome friends, sunbathe and devote yourself to gardening. You can give space to the imagination and indulge yourself if you have a large garden, while if the garden is small, it can still be enriched with splendid and practical accessories. Sun lovers will be able to choose deckchairs and sunbeds to relax and get a tan, perhaps diving into the pool from time to time, if you are lucky enough to have it. For people who want to lie down without sunbathing, they can decide to buy chaise lounges, garden beds with mattresses, known because they follow the lines of the body and are very comfortable. For those who really cannot give up smoking, a small table cannot be missing, excellent for placing books, glasses and above all an ashtray. For those who can afford it economically, you can insert a hot tub, both in the underground version and covered with wood and completely resting on the ground.
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<p />” width=”375″ height=”234″ longdesc=”/arredo-giardino/accessori-da-esterno/accessori-giardino.asp”/>Accessories are essential in a garden because they allow you to live and enjoy it completely.  Showers, vases, planters and swimming pools are useful elements to enrich a garden.  In addition to having these accessories, it is also important to keep a wardrobe, useful and convenient for storing tools, gardening accessories but also objects for the pool.  Nowadays there are many types of outdoor furniture on the market.  The furniture can be made of different materials such as plastic and wood adaptable to any type of garden.  Very practical are the plastic furniture, which in addition to being resistant, are also economical.  And if you want to make a garden even more elegant and chic, we recommend the classic wooden furniture, refined and much finer.  The important thing is to try to embellish the garden with furniture of the same material so that everything is homogeneous and in harmony.  It is also good not to burden the environment with too much furniture to avoid creating a messy and chaotic space.  It should not be overlooked that if the garden has a swimming pool, the area on board must always be furnished with tables, deck chairs and chairs because if it is left empty, the environment gives a negative and neglected feeling.  Furthermore, these accessories are useful because they are a valid support for drinking a drink in the fresh air, for working or studying. 
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Garden furnitureGenerally, to furnish an outdoor environment, wood or aluminum is preferred, but you can also opt for plastic, synthetic or ethnic materials made up of natural fibers. If the intention is to use the garden for dining, a table with chairs must be added. Depending on the space available, you can choose a suitable table. Many people for convenience choose folding chairs and tables, very practical to marry. On the other hand, those who want to use the garden simply to relax, can decide to put a sofa with a coffee table. Having a large space, you have the possibility of being able to buy a nice swing or a hammock. The swing is a great game for both adults and children. On the market there are many, of different models and materials. While the hammock is a kind of cot, considered as a source of rest and a comfortable tool for relaxation. It is a practical accessory that can be placed anywhere in the house. To try to preserve the garden furniture throughout the year, it is advisable to add coverings such as the pergola. The pergola, both in wood and in iron, can be an excellent solution to protect the various furnishings. One of the advantages of the pergola is to be embellished with climbing plants, which help to give shade and consequently cool to the garden. A valid alternative to the pergola can be parasols, capable of protecting from the sun’s rays but with the risk of being damaged by the wind.

barbecue You can also think of furnishing a garden with a nice barbecue. The barbecue is a delicious tool for cooking meat and fish, especially if you are organizing a lunch with friends. Even the barbecue can be of various types, the most traditional is the charcoal one that allows you to burn food with a live fire. To use this type of barbecue, however, you need to be experienced and have good dexterity. It is a great tool to use outdoors. The wood-burning barbecue is also very good, remembering however that the wood to be used must be dry to allow it to catch fire quickly. There are also electric barbecues, much faster than charcoal and wood barbecues.

exterior accessoriesOften and willingly, when it comes to accessories, we tend to take the argument lightly, assuming that it is a series of details that are unlikely to affect a wider project, as happens punctually in a process such as that concerning the garden decor.

Underestimating the way in which decisions relating to the purchase of lamps will have to mature, without forgetting the anti-mosquito products, could be a sensational mistake, as it risks making our stay in what should be a paradise of relaxation, in an authentic hell. In short, starting today, discover more details on aspects that are only apparently marginal.

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