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Galactic Farms is getting ready for it’s next stage of growth. Learn more how we’re growing food year-round even in harsh climates by visiting and on Facebook: Video Rating: / 5 Imagine hightech agriculture like in a lab but in industrial dimensions – a new idea of farming invented in the U.S. is trying to solve the world’s food problem with the help of big data. David Rosenberg, Chief Executive Officer of AeroFarms, explains what this new generation of greenhouses is all about. And why his customers enjoy the experience of eating salad without dressing. Hightech-Landwirtschaft quasi unter Laborbedingungen, aber in industriellem Maßstab: Aus den USA kommt ein neues Konzept, um das Ernährungsproblem mit Big Data anzugehen. David Rosenberg, Chief Executive Officer von AeroFarms, erklärt, was es mit dieser neuen Generation von Gewächshäusern auf sich hat. Und warum seine Kunden den Salat daraus am liebsten ohne Dressing essen. Weitere Videos zum Thema: Dirk Ahlborn: Was Start-ups immer noch ausbremst Christian Tidona: So passiert Innovation Jede Woche neu beim Stifterverband: Die Zukunftsmacher und ihre Visionen für Bildung und Ausbildung, Forschung und Technik Autor: Timur Diehn Produktion: Webclip Medien Berlin für den YouTube-Kanal des Stifterverbandes Das Interview entstand am Rande des Zukunftskonkgresses 2016 des 2b AHEAD ThinkTanks Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsThe Plant – An Urban Aquaponics & Sustainable Agriculture ProjectJohn Edel. Indoor Urban AgricultureHydroponics, Aquaponics, Indoor Agriculture at the UWIAre indoor vertical farms the future of agriculture? | Stuart OdaAn explanation of Hydroponics, Aquaponics, & BioponicsWhat is Bioponics? How it Compares to Hydroponics and Aquaponics

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  • Jack Sheng 3 years ago

    Hi Jeff. We are the manufacturer of led grow lights in China. Should you have any interest, please contact me at

  • bo ter berg 3 years ago

    When you mentioned Missoula I immediately thought "Paul Wheaton" :o)
    The vertical system you have looks pretty much identical to zipgrow towers from Bright AT. Looking good, altho I prefer somehow F&D type beds that allows me to also grow bigger plants like tomatoes & peppers ( they prolly grow in towers too).
    Cheers !

  • Green Path Herb School 3 years ago

    Jeff! We so love what you are doing. Keep up the amazing work. :)

  • D Warthen 3 years ago

    What tools do you have for the private home?