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listen to the doctor (of plant biology) talk about the dirt on a new technology of re-using compost and other proprietary materials that is carbon neutral to grow on roof tops. for more info: ========================================== about 1st Annual Urban Agricultural Summit at Ryerson University The 2012 Urban Agriculture Summit is being organized by Food Share, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, Housing Services Corporation, Ryerson University and the Toronto Food Policy Council The Summit is presented by Green Roofs for Healthy Cities and Food Share from August 15 – 18. bringing together a diversity of people that are making it happen – design professionals, community groups, social housing advocates, tenants and developers, educators, planners, homeowners, urban growers and others – to share what is working, and to discover what is possible. Major Summit themes include: Food Security, food sovereignty and city-building Planning and design of innovative infrastructure for small & large-scale urban agriculture New technologies and innovative practices associated with production Scaling up urban agriculture: Supportive programs, policies and governance models Best management practices in for-profit and not-for-profit food production Building the business case: the economics, financing and marketing of urban agriculture Embedding urban agriculture in community development and housing For more info: Interview & video by Marcus for at Ryerson University,Toronto. Video Rating: / 5 Ask Melanie Coates, head bee keeper why she goes gloveless as she gives Mark.S a tour of the beekeeping facilities on top of the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. Its a very beeeeez educational tour. for more info: ========================================== about 1st Annual Urban Agricultural Summit at Ryerson University The 2012 Urban Agriculture Summit is being organized by Food Share, Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, Housing Services Corporation, Ryerson University and the Toronto Food Policy Council. The Summit is presented by Green Roofs […]


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  • Natalie Helferty 1 year ago

    We were down to 3% of the land natural in 2008. Upon God's return as Christ through me the Queen as the Holy Grail Natalie Helferty there was a Creation of people as Christ-Man. This was collapsed immediately by people from Toronto bothering me as Minds out of body. They were knights and women as knights and also the Arabs raised in Toronto. This was a problem for Christ and for me. I was drugged up on Sodium Pentobarbitol at Hotel Dieu by Arabs who had taken over the hospital and the ambulance and the police as fakes as they are all Arab Terrorists in Old Montreal. That was November 15, 2008 two days after God's return as Christ. The one thing is that God exists and always did. They are not welcome on Earth as Gestapo or Guest-a-poo as they are really lab-made people and from labs in Arabia specifically in 900 BC. They kept them on ice as the Mob always do to put people on ice and then take them out later. It is a very Italian thinking Musso that does athis. The Arabs kill people and that is Musso the Arab Terrorist as Gestapo as a Dictator. He is not Italian. I am. I am from Vatican City, Rome, Nice, Milan, Naples, Taranto, Bari as my Families Lands in Italy. I am Italian as the Nice Lady from Nice, Italy is the Madonna my ancestor who is Indicinano Family of Nice, Italy. I am the one to indicate what is going on just like her my relative. I am also from Queen Sheba of Mecca, Arabia. That is my family land of Queen Sheba. The Musso is a beach five guy that is not allowed onto the Beach Zero land that is the Queens land as he is not from that beach area at all but chose to go against the Queen being female and the word Queen as the Queen is the one with the womb and not him! Too bad Musso you never were a woman or you might have been the leader of the Earth. You are not. The reason why Musso can never be leader of the Earth is that God is always with the Queen as a breeder because all people are made by Immaculate Conception that is God that is Christ the Creator and the Holy Spirit that creates people in the womb of the woman that is the Queen breeder that is human being. The Queen is conceiving constantly around the clock for 180 Knights for 9 months straight! That is why God is with the Queen breeding female and not the male of a Beach Five for Musso to mule about not having God with him as he pouts his way through millennia of "why don't I get that?" He is an immature brat that throws rocks at people when he is mad, which is always. That is why biology rules and not the developer who is a devil.

  • Natalie Helferty 1 year ago

    All the Living Plants and Animals of our Land are all Queens, Kings and Knights. They are the same level of rapid reproduction and that is the problem. The subdivision here is not a Created and Protected Subdivision. I am sitting on the Mussolini built subdivision where in 1200 AD they placed bodies of 5000 Native Indian Children of my Tribe and the King's Tribe to make sure that I would in 2000 AD I would be sitting over dead children without knowing it to show that Mussolini was the Dictator always of everyone and everything on Earth as the biggest prick egomaniac serial killer on Earth and everywhere else too including other planets that he took over with Palpatine who is extremely evil and his front nice guy face is the Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars movie. He is so damned evil that the decapitation constantly his a game of who can catch the blood and not who is the one to stomach the cutting anymore. He is so evil that the game is how many neurons can be removed from the brain of a living boy of his making as a clone of himself and Mussolini to cause as much pain as possible. The evil is how much pain he can stand electrocuted in a switchplate of a bee stuck there to conduct a current to see if the Knight bee is able to sting him to death afterwards because there is no more Knight bees as he killed them off under a Gestapo boot of his own making cobbled by his own hand of one hand that was cut off by Batabrutto who also did this to me always and buried my hand beside a Created building. You will find my bodies everywhere from the past with only one hand and the other hand cut off as I stood there feeling the pain as Batabrutto did this to me after shooting me in the head. This is the evil of them as Gestapo. Natalie Helferty the Queen

  • Natalie Helferty 1 year ago

    All these bees have the same level of understanding as a human being. They are as smart and intelligent as us as humans. We are co-adapted as species. They gather the nectar and pollinate the flowers in their habitat. We gather the fruit from those same flowering plants and disperse the seeds after we eat the fruit. We are both integral to the survival of this planet. The Gestapo do not care about life! They are ant-Christ, they are anti-Mother, they are anti-female, they are anti-Madonna, they are anti-Life, they are anti-Truth. They lie, they cheat, they kill, they are the Mob, they are the evil of this planet and all existence that must be killed off for us as Life to exist at all. We were down to 4% of the plant and animal species on Earth. That was in 2008. God returned to become Christ as the I AM of its own Creation that is nature that It Created in the Beginning and that is through me the Mother who is the Native Woman and through my Holy Grail that is my Womb! God is NOT against Life, God is NOT against woman, God is NOT against Madonna, God is NOT against the Royals, God is NOT against the Queen, God is NOT against the King, God is NOT against the Knights, God is NOT against me! God is WITH ME the Queen as the female breeder of Life on Earth that It CREATED! Now in 2014 we as me Natalie Helferty as the Queen commanding with Christ the Creator we have on this day of my brother's birthday September 5, 2014 we have 99.1% of the species CREATED again on EARTH!!! WOW!!!! That is CREATION. That is CREATOR. That is REAL. That is ROYAL!!

  • Natalie Helferty 1 year ago

    The extend of effort to go against me as a Mother is deplorable behaviour by anyone at all! I am so disappointed in the land development industry as builders of me being the Salamander Lady and the one they know to have tried to broker an understanding of Conservation Development years ago and to let people of supposed immigrants and refugees stay here under that pretense because I realize now that I was conned and also that my children were being killed by these same immigrants and supposed refugees but half the population was clones in Toronto and every city on Earth. The ones that are the real landowners are us as Native American Indians. Nobody is allowed on my land ANY MORE! I MEAN IT!! You push back you are D E A D!!! No reprieve for your family!!! You will not exist at Original Creation in the PAST!!! God remove all those who do not deserve to live at Original Creation!!! God remove all the ones that are pushing back against me and remove them from Original Creation!!! God remove anyone and everyone who is against me as the Queen from Original Creation!!! God remove all those who have committed crimes from Original Creation!!! God remove all the rest from Original Creation!!! Queen Natalie Helferty

  • Natalie Helferty 1 year ago

    There are twelve clones of this woman pretending to be the beekeeper who was sent here by Musso and Fred De Gasperis. Please kill her off. Cheryl and Clarissa Spencer have been taking care of the bees at Musso's yard in Richmond Hill and Fred delivered these bees on the rooftop that day so we went in and took over to ensure the bees were moved back to their home on the Oak Ridges Moraine. I needed men there to lift the boxes back onto the truck and we transported them onto the Oak Ridges Moraine at the location I was given by asking Christ for a map. They are there now but this woman is a clone and you need to go kill all the clones who are pretenders as they are made to do videos like this to bullshit their way through a Mob video to show that there is a takeover in a Mob way of my homes including the Royal York! Queen Natalie Helferty

  • Natalie Helferty 1 year ago

    This is a typical Mob joke of the developers against me to show that a Queen Bee is occupying the Royal York, just not the Queen Natalie Helferty who is the breeding queen as human being. Fred De Gasperis the Scottish Twerp did this! The bees were rescued by Cheryl Spencer and Clarissa her daughters as they knew this was a Mob joke. They have the Queen Bee and her Created beehive safe now. Queen Natalie Helferty whose Tribe is just like a beehive with 180 Knights as the Watch around the clock as I am the breeding female of twins with all the men having 2 sets of twins every 4 days over 180 days! That means I have 180 sets of twins every 9 months! Bees have that same round of reproduction but over 90 days or 3 months. Rabbit Queen has that same round of breeding but over 6 months. Where is my Royal Sweet?