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Farming is being revolutionized by a technological wave. That’s great news—by the year 2050 Earth’s population will be 10 billion, so we need to almost double the amount of food we now produce. Subscribe to TDC: Main information sources: Video by Bryce Plank and Robin West Co-written by Kiriana Cowansage Music: “Abstract Electronic [TDC Remix]” via Motion Array “Timelapse” via Motion Array “Night Music” by Kevin MacLeod “Technology Explainer” via Motion Array “Truth Revealing” via Motion Array Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAre indoor vertical farms the future of agriculture? | Stuart OdaAre Vertical Farms The Future Of Agriculture?THESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)Vertical Farms and the Future of AgricultureFood for the Future: Agriculture in a Sustainable WorldOrganic Sustainable Farming is the Future of Agriculture

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  • 2timesforthewestside 2 years ago

    Excellent video, and I have hopes we can pursue these projects and innovations in the future however; Capitalism will inevitably hold these technologies back until it's abolished along with multinational corporations who promote the expansion of evils such as factory farming and genetic modification for their OWN interests and the exploitation of all peoples across the developing world. Remember Bayer, Monsanto, DuPont, etc are multi-billion dollar corporations (DuPont Revenue 25.27 billion USD (2015)) whom have previously and continue to exploit humans during the Green Revolution and in modern day. Abolition is necessary for factory farming, no modifications to evil. Meat production alternatives such as those made in labs are great, however we must analyze the underlying issue of industrial/ individual waste and the promotion of a Western diet, high in animal proteins/fats across the developing world.

  • Random Guy 2 years ago

    We want to save lives but complain about overpopulation

  • Random Guy 2 years ago

    7*2=10 Seems legit

  • Shawk 2 years ago

    no way in hell am I eating a bug

  • Liberal Media TV 2 years ago

    What about one on Mega projects in Latin America, the Middle East, the new Silk Road and future space projects

  • Franzuino 2 years ago

    You did forget one point, and one that could be applied right now and with a minimum budget from the states: EDUCATION: Educate people not to waste food (in US 40% of food is wasted), educate people not to eat meet every day, educate people to consume local food, educate people to grow some of their own foodµ, etc..

  • Taiga Boreal 2 years ago

    Ah man this was necessarily uplifting :)…
    Although, my biggest concern over GMOs is the economic impact. Only one maybe two companies control all GMO seeds. I don't know about you,but I don't want the future of the human race dependent on the ethics of a company that has a monopoly.

  • OCR Brad 2 years ago

    Whilst undoubtedly this is the innovation needed to continue our expansion as a species I do think no one is thinking of the social adaptation we will need to function as a society. If you take away and replace those jobs the poorest and most uneducated of the population work on with robotics then what do you replace it with? These new methods are naturally the right way to go but at some point we might have to accelerate our social thinking as fast as our industrial innovation. Inevitable mass unemployment will likely be an associated consequence if we're not careful.

  • Rui Alberto Basilio de Almeida 2 years ago

    The ideas & technology doesn't need to be used by capitalist companies, coops are a very good economic form

  • krishna saish 2 years ago

    Extremely well researched​ and presented video man. You've entered my list of high quality information sources. thanks for the good work 🙂

  • Christopher Miles 2 years ago

    Well researched, clearly presented, and quite informative. Thanks Bryce. Looking forward to your next ep. If you haven't tackled it already- I think the private sector launch market might be interesting. Launch costs are falling quite quickly(especially among the small launchers like Vector, Rocketlab, and ArcaSpace) and those reductions will change the way we use orbital and outer space in so many ways

  • Evrenos Bey 2 years ago

    Türkler burda mı acaba???

  • Aditya Pandey 2 years ago

    surprised this video has such a low number of views

  • happy ch 2 years ago

    do on CPEC china pakistan economic corridor

  • Hoi19448239345 2 years ago

    Part 2

  • David Ulanovsky 2 years ago

    Eh vertical farms are much better for the environment but other than that great video.

  • Julian Madej 2 years ago

    Can you make a video about the mega projects on the London Underground?

  • Patjam 2 years ago

    What would happen if every country built a wall and stopped trading with the world (no imports or exports)? Please elaborate the consequences in your video.

    I guess farmers would be treated like Saudis.

  • Harry Shaw 2 years ago

    Would really like to see video dedicated video to GMO's they have an extremely bad stigma attached to them which I don't think is justified

  • hub and spoke 2 years ago

    Autonomous pickers
    Robotic weed/pest killers
    Weed-killing laser
    Micro-sensors (Internet of Things)
    Robotic soil sampler
    Completely autonomous farm
    Drone assisted crop monitoring
    Uber-like aerial crop imaging
    CubeSat whole farm imaging
    Big data analytics
    Data sharing collectives
    Vertical farming
    High density vertical farming
    Optimal growing wavelengths
    Climate replication
    Livestock activity monitor
    Breath analysis
    Automated thermal imaging analysis
    3-D camera measuring
    Audio health monitoring
    Automated behavior analysis
    In-land saltwater fish farms
    Zero waste fish farming
    Fish food made from bacteria
    Insect flour and protein powder
    Cultured meat
    Drought tolerant corn
    Improving unimproved crops
    C4 Rice Project
    Livestock disease immunity