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Air Date: (09/09/17) #4411 We visit one of our seventy-seven counties to explore how extension programs are positively affecting Oklahoma horticulture. This episode features segments on: -Horticulture Extension Educator Brian Jervis takes us on a tour of the Tulsa County OSU Extension Center and talks about some of Tulsa County’s horticultural programs, including the work of the Tulsa County Master Gardeners -Brian Jervis and Philbrook Museum of Art Director of Horticulture Sheila Kanotz help identify crape myrtle scale and have treatment options to combat the insects. -Tulsa County Master Gardeners work with local businesses to decorate along the streets and storefronts with planters filled with colorful foliage and blooms. -Tulsa Master Gardeners doorhanger initiative. -We tour the home landscape of Tulsa County Master Gardener Debby Bezan who has created lovely borders and a pool area that are great for sitting or strolling but are also filled with edibles and plants for pollinators. Time to finalize the winterizing of our Back to Eden Garden that is still producing a tremendous amount of tomatoes and basil! We got a tremendous amount of work done and enjoyed a little help from our special friends. Chickens are the perfect gardening companions! Enjoy & thanks for watching! ~ Like, Subscribe, Comment & Share with friends! Patara’s Social Media: ~Facebook: ~Instagram: ~Blog: ~The Great Appalachian Homesteading Conference Facebook Page: ~ TICKETS for The Great Appalachian Homesteading Conference HERE: ~ Appalachia’s Homestead Official T-Shirts: ~MagicFly Egg Candler Here: ~MagicFly 10 Egg Incubator Here: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsYard & Garden Show SpotOrganic Gardening Techniques that Work by Skip RichterMarijohn Bledsoe UCCE Master Gardener – San Francisco Flower & Garden Show 2010Tulsa Blooms Beautification Program in BrooksideEasiest Raised Bed Kit, Vertical Growing and Self-Watering Containers & more at the 2011 Garden […]

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  • P Jorge 1 month ago

    Wonderful Homestead keep up the great job! GOD bless!

  • Kimberly A Neel 1 month ago

    love your videos! Sometimes I have trouble hearing some of the items/ingredient names. I also like links to amazon or something of the items/ingredients so I am sure of the type and name. Aloha from Maui Kim

  • Cara Grandle 1 month ago

    I’ve been a gardener for years, but since January I have been transitioning over to a Back to Eden style. I just did my first video.

    You are one of the first YouTubes I crossed that taught about it. It’s amazing to me that I could be a garden lover since I was a little girl, know the power of mulch and still not put the two together. I’m so excited. So hello from Cara in Oregon and thank you for doing your thaaang on YouTube.

  • Abernathy Woods 1 month ago

    Your gardening assistants are so cute.

  • Shelita Meyers 1 month ago

    I haven't heard your rooster crow. Cool

  • joy bickerstaff 1 month ago

    I love and enjoy your videos, I was wondering if you could help me out on gardening, I have done it like most tilling the garden, I would like to do it your way, can you tell me What layers you put on the ground in steps well in layers I would appreciate it and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us

  • ptrainingbytim 1 month ago

    Youre awesome – God bless you guys!

  • sue mcfarlane 1 month ago

    Why not just lay out you compost and let the chooks work it forvyou

  • sue mcfarlane 1 month ago

    Do goats give you volunteer tomatoes I know that if they eat most weeds the seeds don’t pass through them they are have such a good digestive system you don’t get weeds sprouting from their manure I wondered if the samecwent for tomatoes my pig manure grew lots of tomatoes but that’s pigs

  • Lea Hix 1 month ago

    Love your videos, Patara! Where do you get your woodchips?

  • Mahealani W. 1 month ago

    I love your chickens they're so adorable

  • Marcia Lawhorn 1 month ago

    Prob a stupid question but why do the chickens dig holes and then lay in them….

  • Let It Roll 1 month ago

    Great video. Educational, and your cat and chickens are so cute!

  • Brenda Sanson 1 month ago

    My granny always had us use poke bags too.

  • Will Knox 1 month ago

    So glad I found your channel! We're about a month or so into our homestead and I'm loving this! Getting me excited!

  • TheBereangirl 1 month ago

    Lol….here chick chick chick. I gotta treat for you!

  • Patriot Barber 1 month ago

    Great stuff! Just recently discovered the B2E method and I am implementing it this season. Thanks for sharing your information.