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Our home vegetable gardening tips and ideas along with a full raised bed garden tour. Let’s talk about some vegetable gardening tips and tricks for beginners and pros alike, a little vegetable gardening 101 while we take a full garden tour. Planting is going well in the raised beds and everything is growing well in our super soil raised bed garden soil mix. We have already done some harvesting. Gardening skills and knowledge are far more valuable than any cheat or hack. We will show you how to succeed from the design of your garden and ideas, to diy garden projects to improve your results. Let’s take a look around, and kick around a few gardening ideas. Music provided by Audionautix Song: Turn Up The Watts (TurnUpTheWatts) Song: Banjo Short (BanjoShort) #RaisedBedGarden #Gardening101 #VegetableGardening #BasicGardening #SuperSoil Related PostsFull Raised Bed Garden Tour | Vegetable Gardening In Raised Beds UpdateFULL Fall Garden Tour | Raised Bed Vertical Vegetable Garden | Roots and Refuge FarmGarden Tour Tips and Ideas Papaya Swiss Chard Tomatoes Moringa Vegetable Gardening Jays & SquirrelsVegetable Garden Tour & Tips 8/11/2018: Full Tour, Flea Beetles, Hydrogen PeroxideVegetable Gardening 101 | Raised Bed Garden Ideas And Advice For BeginnersHow To Plant Tomatoes & Peppers into Raised Bed Vegetable Garden in Arizona – Organic Gardening Tips

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  • Linda Martinez 1 week ago

    Beautiful garden!

  • Sweet T 1 week ago

    Love your channel!

  • Simply Southern Roots 1 week ago

    Where did y’all get those raised beds?? Looking good!!

  • Glen Okla 1 week ago

    I love the new signs Mark & Tina! Not a bad price either. As always your gardens are looking great.

  • singleman 1 week ago

    NICE gardens folks! Small wonder you have such a following. That said, I've been waiting for many months for another "math hound" to correct you on the the size of that round bed. Pi X Radius sqrd = 50 sqr ft. Sorry Mark…~Eli.

  • Clutsy Cora 1 week ago

    First time watching your channel. Picked up quite a few hints today. Thank you for the info and yes I subscribed.

  • Trish Smith 1 week ago

    Great tour of your garden! I have a question and I’m hoping you will be able to answer. I wanted to grow sweet potatoes if I could this year. Our last frost is late April but it really doesn’t start to warm up to 60’s until June. But not knowing much about sweet potatoes I started my slips in January like everyone advised. Well, my slips ended up potted inside the house for 5 months and when I planted them outside they started to bloom! Some of them even had sweet potatoes already forming! Will all of my sweet potatoes be big and woody in another 5 months when fall arrives? Will they just keep on producing and growing after they flower?

  • angie callahan 1 week ago

    How do you keep worms out of your squash roots?

  • KissMyGrass Acres 1 week ago

    With the onions, do you plant the bulbs or in bunches? (Hope I used the correct words) The bulbs have hardly worked for me. For example, we planted 120 bulbs and maybe half has came through. I don't know what we are doing wrong.

  • Lori P 1 week ago

    As always, beautiful garden tour!! I'm in Athens, Ga and its been several inches of rain here for most of last week and weekend. More rain forecasted for today and the weekend… but that was the 1st rain we'd had in almost a month. I just love seeing what  y 'all have growing. I look forward to your garden updates and can't wait to see canning videos when things start coming in. When you process the garlic would you do a video if possible, I've considered growing it but I'm not really sure how to store it. Especially how to braid it and pickling it. Thanks, hope you and Tina have a great day.

  • Daryl Campbell 1 week ago

    Garden is doing really well.

  • mid texas gardener 1 week ago

    Great video as always. Great garden tour. Garden beautiful as always. Plants look good.

  • The gardener 1 week ago

    Looking good, Mark! I wish I could say the same around here. lol Those onions look tasty!!
    Question for you… I bought some fruit trees that were on sale. Any advice on planting them for a good start? Would it be best to leave them in their pots until fall? I've got some pears, figs and nectarines so far. Thanks!

  • Bobbys site 1 week ago

    where can we find the chicken flower pot holder?

  • Lindy Holmes 1 week ago

    What do you two do to keep away the white cabbage moth off the cabbages? Gardens are looking great! We have just started our winter gardens over here in Oz

  • Joyce Britt 1 week ago

    Do you and Tina sell at a farmer's market? Tell Tina that those renegade Tina's make the garden beautiful!

  • Jody Sappington 1 week ago

    everything is getting taller…and looks great….have a great night…