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John from takes you on a full tour of his backyard summer vegetable garden that has 26 raised beds and over 20 potted fruit trees 01:00 Tour Starts 01:23 Grow Climate Appropriate Crops 02:20 Growing Malabar Spinach Vertically up a Trellis 03:00 Japanese Cucumbers 03:13 Rolly poly bugs eat Cucumber Stems 04:10 Praying Mantis Eats Bad Bugs 04:30 Water Spinach from from cuttings 05:28 Edible Marigolds 05:35 Water Pepper 05:52 Growing in 5 Gallon Pots 06:13 Pros and Cons of Growing in Pots in the Desert 07:15 Agretti – European Vegetable – Grows Well 08:16 Reciardia picroides 08:36 Heat loving Tropical Lettuce grows in 100+ weather 09:25 Favorite Area of My Garden 09:40 Longevity Spinach 09:55 Jello Plant 10:27 Loa lot 10:53 Mexican Sour Gherkins 11:20 Cuban Oregano 11:34 Culantro Substitute 11:51 Gotu Kola 12:33 Where I eat lunch in my garden 13:44 Ashitaba in full sun 14:55 Strawberry Spinach 15:10 Grow Trap Plants to attract Aphids 16:26 Moringa Tree Recovering Over the Winter 18:13 Perennial Bed with Green Tree Collards 18:55 Jungle Planting below Tree Collards 19:14 Underperforming Zucchini 19:35 Bird Eating Tree Collard Seeds 20:11 Pepper Plant Bed Spaced 11.5 inches 20:52 Lambsquarters, Sweet Potato Vine, Purslane interplanted 21:41 Living Mulch – protect soil from sun. 22:06 Tables in Garden to protect plants from intense sun 22:35 Winter Hold over bed – leafy greens, kale, celery, beets 24:55 My favorite Dazzling Blue Kale 25:44 Why this kale has outperformed all others in my garden 26:30 Having Challenges with Aquajet 27:30 Protecting Tree Collard Seeds from the birds 27:55 Sunchokes- Jerusalem Artichokes 28:00 Agretti 29:05 Aptinia Cordata – Edible Landscaping Plant 29:40 Cretan Rock Lettuce doesn’t like summer 29:30 My Tea Plants – Camellia Sinensis 30:00 Purple Goji Berry Plants, Date Palms, Gogi Berries 30:44 Flood Table growing […]

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  • Binyamin Klempner 10 months ago

    Hi John, Great video. It answered the questions I was needing to know. Particularly about your approach to fruit trees. I just planted 3 figs trees and two lemon trees all in 15 gallon pots.

  • Anthony Copacetic 10 months ago

    remove the flowers from your culantro plant and it'll do much better.

  • Robert Beckler 10 months ago

    In this area the crops that do the best are weeds. Most taste bitter but with enough butter and beer they go down fine. The secret is butter though. Not margerine

  • Nola Borrego 10 months ago

    Hi John, I recently posted a picture of my moringa on I want more Moringa Facebook Channel and I live here in Glendale Arizona. I was gifted this moringa tree. I chose the wrong spot and it gets a little too much shade I think but it has never gotten huge it's been in the ground for almost 3 years and I have eaten most of the leaves off of it every year the first winter I thought it was dead but Dave Stone of I want more Moringa suggested that I just keep watering it and giving it nutrients which I did and late spring last year up came to shoots from The Roots which have grown 2 about 6 foot tall then I cut it down last fall and this spring it grew one side two about four foot in the other side about 6 foot this is the first year that it has gotten any flowers or pods. Laughingly it has three pods which I had to eat one when it was about 6 in Long it was so tender with an earthy peppery taste I loved it one pod a family member ate. The pod I left to grow in about a month and a half it is approximately 1 foot long and as big around as any of them that I have seen it's very nice sized easily called a drumstick. Just hoping this will hang on throughout the summer until it dries out hoping for seeds. I have thought about moving it to a sunnier spot but I think I'm just going to plant some seeds and put them in the sunny or spot and see how I do. I do love your videos and I have learned so much over the years from you. I am a really slow starter but finally I'm on my way. hopefully I will finish out like a tortoise have a great Fourth of July John thank you so much for all that you share.

  • Something Different 10 months ago

    Wall trellis is nice. My bet with AquaJet from early videos was that it was not gonna b quite successful cuz it was unnatural to have water shoot like jets at the roots of plants. Not to mention that water will favor gravity to go south more then upwards which could pose an issue keeping young plants alive that need that moisture at the very top lvl.

  • Patrick Murphy 10 months ago

    Hey John I live out here in Boulder City. I have a wicked bad problem with rolly pollies. Do you just put out rhines and wait for them to swarm and then kill em all, and do that over and over?

  • tocatchasnark 1 10 months ago

    Please do a tour of your front garden.

  • you need to have people come over and harvest for you

  • Harry Nutsac 10 months ago

    Where's the Cannabis Plants, lol.

  • Youknow Me 10 months ago

    Man I've watched this guy for years, he's literally THE guy that got me through everything gardening, been about 5 year's , and I won't stop. I wish he socialized online though, it would be more educational getting into more questions, and it would make more videos . Gluck John , you're definitely the best on YouTube!!!

  • TheMatron'sMilitia 10 months ago

    Should I buy 20acres in westmorland?

  • unsalted tomato 10 months ago

    Of course we want to know what soil you made your trees 🙂

  • Bobbi West 10 months ago

    Great video, and thanks for update on your garden.huge praying mantis couldnt believe it.take care.

  • A'Bama Gardener 10 months ago JOHN you might want to check out this video for your aphids I thought of you peeing on your plants

  • Raj Kishore Sinha 10 months ago

    Reshma gupta,rk sinha wants to be with you for allreasion ,kya jee call nahi kar rahi ho , phousy se jyada koe vi sath dega,we are given life for nation and wife are going to my i retire officer who can make you to continue laugh.i will massege and shake you every night or day also.

  • altha 2014 10 months ago

    Just to let you know, Starting yesterday, In Florida anybody can grow a garden in the front yard without the city and county saying anything,, all their ordinances stopping people is no longer any good of course it does not apply to people living

  • Ataraxia_Atom 10 months ago

    Thank you for your videos John. This is my first year growing and it has greatly been influenced by your channel. I'm in Reno NV so the desert growing is totally applicable. My garden is getting killed with pests though hahaha