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Join me today as I walk through the our 10,000 square foot, raised bed garden in Arkansas. The end of October has brought us a couple of bonus weeks in the growing season without frost. Grow Salad Greens in a Tub Greenhouse: I got my shirt here: My favorite place to get seeds: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds – Other seed companies I like: MIGardener: Trade Winds Fruit: Fruition Seeds: Uprising Organics: Our Instagram: Our Facebook: My Infrequently updated blog: My Articles in Do South Magazine: Our Music is by our friend Daniel Smith We love happy mail! To drop us a line: PO Box 850 Vilonia, AR 72173 If you would like to financially support our channel and farm, you can shop through out Amazon affiliate link, which will earn us a small commission at no additional cost to you here: Or, if you would prefer to give directly to our channel, you can send PayPal here: Thank you so much for believing in us! Related PostsFall Vegetable Garden Tour! 🌽🍂🍅// Garden AnswerSummer Edible Raised Bed Vegetable Garden TourVegetable Garden Tour & Tips 8/11/2018: Full Tour, Flea Beetles, Hydrogen PeroxideEarly Fall Vegetable Garden Tour & HarvestSummer Backyard Raised Bed Vegetable Garden TourBackyard Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Tour

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  • Rajai B 1 week ago

    by the way , you rock!

  • Rajai B 1 week ago

    Quick question, you transfer late tomatoes to the greenhouse? maybe you have a heated one ?

  • Rajai B 1 week ago

    same feeling! it worked!

  • Diane Ryals 1 week ago

    I know that you mulch with straw and it looks like it is working great. I have an unlimited supply of saw dust or shaving that I can get for mulch. Do you think that would work for mulch?

  • The Eco Octo 1 week ago

    What are the tires on the fence for? Do they serve a purpose or just aesthetic?

  • abedabun dawn 1 week ago

    That lettuce sorta looks like Chinese cabbage to me.

  • jackeekp 1 week ago

    all the persimmons seeds that friends have opened, have spoons in them, which is a sign of a bad winter to come, the plant Indian Ginseng, you may want to protect it a bit more, hoping we don't have a bad winter as many are saying, just sharing what I have been told, I'm up here in Yellville, Thank You for all the infor you share, enjoying your videos

  • Becky Doyle 1 week ago

    How do you preserve the lemon balm ?? When I dry mine, it turns brown..

  • Laurie Flores 1 week ago

    hey ya'll…go to Bakers Creek and look at the Balloon Lettuce…it kinda of reminds me of the lettuce mix… 🙂

  • Wholesome Roots 1 week ago

    I need that shirt! I still have summer squash growing!

  • Cathy Behrens 1 week ago

    I think the excitement and astonishment of garden growth moves after years into just a deep satisfaction 🙂

  • Laura Cavanaugh 1 week ago

    Have/can you share meal planning tips that you use around your seasonal garden?

  • Cherie Nicholas 1 week ago

    I live in Fort Smith, Arkansas and I am so pleased to have found your channel! Love your videos! I feel like the things you grow in Conway would be great for me to try here. Happy Fall!

  • asrose01 1 week ago

    Do micro greens in your home for winter

  • susan price 1 week ago

    I think it is the woman's mind of making new life that thrills us so much when we grow. I know new life in any form, be it germinating seeds or new babies of any form just makes me happy.

  • Robin Clary 1 week ago

    What a sweet vblog. Hey, why don't you throw the caterpillars in a cup and feed them to your hungry chickens? 🙂

  • Happy Farms La. 1 week ago

    my zinnias have the same spots. My zinnias died off and came back re seeded themselves and I have new flowers! Yay.

  • Happy Farms La. 1 week ago

    one more thing, do you want some "dutch crookneck pumpkin squash" (baker creek) seeds? It only takes one! I got 20 plus huge fruits off of ONE plant! I will totally send to your p.o.! They won't climb though, they climb and then go back down to the ground and TAKE OFF! crazy! fruits were 3 feet long.

  • Happy Farms La. 1 week ago

    Yay for getting the in-ground garden going! You are inspiring as usual. We are blessed with good soil here on our plot. We do have lots of worms and subsequently MOLES! I just learned they eat worms from one of my kids school books! They haven't damaged my plants yet though, just cause soft spots so far. 
    Hey Jess, will you do some more homeschool videos soon? This is our first year and I have a 10 &4 Y/O and I find you so calming and inspiring in your videos. I am going without curriculum right now. Much love!