🇬🇧 Frontyard garden design tips and Alexandra’s medium-sized garden in the UK || Linda Watt

🇬🇧 My friend Alexandra and I joined forces from the other side of the pond to discuss the design of the front yard garden and how the architecture of our house affects our landscape. I have learned a lot, and I hope you do the same! Be sure to follow her on the platform linked below and watch her video here, thank you ALEXANDRA! Join this channel to get benefits: ✅ How to join my YouTube channel Instagram on your phone or iPad: Facebook: Pinterest: My USDA Gardening District: 7a *Note that this description may contain affiliate links that allow you to find mentions To the projects and free support for my content. When you use the link listed above, this affiliate link allows me to make a small amount of money. You are not obligated to use these links. thank you for your support! * CENTURION LOPPER SET: CAPTAIN JACK’s Garden Dust: Osmocote Fertilizer:.


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  • Marilyn Haughton

    Hola de Espana. Hello from Spain. Live in Spain. The U.K. gardens are the best in the world because of the soft light. The plants really stand out there. Like the red ( pink really ) white and blue. Here in Spain it's so sunny you need the bright yellows and reds. Another thing is the lawns in U.K. You can lay on them and no mosquitoes. Here you just get bitten all day. Not to mention the garden centers over there and the cafeterias attached, you can spend hours on end there. The Stately Homes and gardens, wonderful. Hola Inglaterra Te quiero. Two good, informative videos.

  • Rose Real

    Hi Linda I just wish you have a video when you design your garden.. I love your front garden design and all topiary. I am in zone 3 and we are very cold and long winter than in Oklahoma. Sometimes our temperature -30 to – 50 for a week plus the windchill..

  • Katie Kane

    Linda, do you treat your tulips as annuals? Our 7b in N. Georgia doesn't generally get enough cold. Perhaps it's more a drainage thing but we don't count on tulips returning dependably.

  • Karen Green

    Love the videos, the ideas, tutorials, all of it. I’m in a hard spot right now as we live in a rental home community while we are in between moving in with my mother as a caregiver so no yard work and no planting other than a few planters on the front and back porch. But I can work in my mothers yard-she is a plant fanatic and she gets huge joy from it. So how in the world do I reign myself in to not go hog wild in planting more plants? It’s a hard life loving a beautiful yard and wanting to constantly make more of a beautiful yard! Ha ha

  • Miss America

    I loved every minute of this video. I ate it up like a hungry child. Still cool here on the West Coast Cali, Nor-Cal. South of SF. Sun is out today. Thank you Linda for your inspiring video.

  • Debbie Lermy

    This is my very favorite video to date that you have made and you have made a lot of fantastic ones. Hearing from England and then hearing about your home architecture and age was the best. My husbands grandfather owned a tutor in OKC that reminds me of yours. Thanks for such a great video❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  • Kate Hillenbrand

    I live in a story and a half Cape Cod-style home. I, too, moved in about 30 years ago.
    I didn't consciously think of my house's structure style when I designed my English garden. I just like that look.
    I have typical foundation plantings, but also installed gardens butting the public sidewalk. When I'm outside in the early evening it's fun to meet people who stop to admire my seasonal display. Why, just today, the postal carrier stopped long enough to comment on the currently stunning display of my 'Prairie Fire' crabapple with a carpet of white wind anemones next to my driveway. He even came back later with a package (not for me) and commented on my tulips next to the public sidewalk.
    I love bringing a bit of beauty to the neighborhood.
    Oh, and Linda, I recently purchased some bricks to edge one of my gardens where the wood mulch spills over the metal edging onto my crushed rock patio. I like how yours is a mixture of bricks and stone. I ran into a problem with interference from established plants so may incorporate other materials to achieve the look and objective.

  • Jeannine D.

    I love both of your channels! I also look out my upstairs windows at my garden beds to see the appeal of the layout. I have a traditional style home and work to repeat the planting around my home, keeping to a handful of plants bringing it out away from my home with grass in the middle for grounding. Thank you both for your expertise!

  • Maria Doyle

    love watching middle sized garden. Relatively new to your channel Linda but I'm obsessed. I really love your brick and flagstone walkways with the gravel in between, would be great if you could show us how it was done. Looking forward to seeing some creative ways from you with edibles this year.

  • Vanessa B

    What a feast for the eyes! Is your lawn velveteen? 😉 Looks like it. I love your glorious garden, Linda. WOW.

  • Andrea Winchester

    Two of my favorite gardeners collaborating– Life is GOOD! Now invited Yulia of YGarden to share and I am over the moon happy!

  • Lorinda Van Engelenhoven

    Glad to be directed to you from Alexandra. I have a lot of the same ethos about gardens/yards as you do. Would love to see some current gardens for early 60's, kinda ranch, brick but blah homes.

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