Plant just showed up out of no where! Thought I good time to experiment. Cheers!

Main benefits : More Reliable System!! Increased oxygen in the root chamber, Less equipment, Long Term lower cost.

Difficulties : Learning How To Dial in the settings.

They say : A smart man learns from his mistakes but, a wise man learns from others.

Let me be your vessel and see the successes and fails as I grow into this system… so, you wont make the same mistakes as I do.

There are some YouTubers portraying they have some sort of degree in HPA Aero Grows. Yet there is nothing documenting their progress or aeroponic gardens being showed. They use Green Screens, Technical Terminology, Calculations, Equations, Formulas to throw you off. Well, based on what I’ve seen his videos indicate all theory and no practical experience.

When you subscribe and ride it out with me you’ll see the challenges you will face and just one of many ways to overcome these hurdles, from a practical stand point (always DIY) and cost effective efficient way.
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From Soil To High Pressure Aeroponics ( Air Atomizing )

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  • HthyLife.HapLife

    Hi, Thanks for the video. Did you ever get everything figure out? If not, have you seen the video of the AAA from "High Tech Garden" guy. He is a software engineer and his video explains really well about AAA. Since you already have tons of experience and knowledge of building one, once you watch his video, it will answer a lot of your questions and really built a magnificent AAA system. I took a bunch of notes from him and since I am not high tech gadget person, it will take me a while to figure out what all I need to build one. For you, it probably a "no brainer". Please let me know what you think. Thank you.