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  • Heather Reth 4 years ago

    Would love for you to show more on keyhole style gardens in Arizona desert…

  • Greenies Garden 4 years ago

    Awesome webcast!

  • Melo Last 4 years ago

    I missed it!!!! Darn it!!!!  I had a question about composting.  I can't seem to get my soil cooking.  It heats up then it dies down after a day or two.  I tried everything, less carbon, more nitrogen.  I can't get it!  It's frustrating.

  • DW Marschall 4 years ago

    I tuned in. Great show. And you even answered my question about the galvanized roofing for raised beds. You and Greg are a great team. I would love to see you guys do this more often.

  • ThoughtsofLu 4 years ago

    I didn't get the email till 730pm tried to tune in and it was to late. Bummer that I missed it due to way late notification. Would have loved to ask some questions to you guys. Hopefully next time!

  • ThoughtsofLu 4 years ago

    It's 630 and I signed up how do I see the broadcast?

  • VeganAthlete 4 years ago

    CLICK HERE NOW to Join in My LIVE Gardening Q&A: