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For more sustainable living videos, stories and information, visit Fred Kirschenmann, a long-time leader in the sustainable agriculture movement, Distinguished Fellow at the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, and a third-generation farmer (an organic farmer himself), completes his thoughtful reflections upon the future of agriculture from his talk at the Organicology conference in Portland, Oregon. Check out our new series: Food Farmer Earth – a journey of wide discovery about our food Cooking Up a Story – Bringing the people behind our food to life Subscribe to receive the latest videos: Follow us: Google+ twitter Facebook Pinterest Website RSS Feed Related PostsFred Kirschenmann: The Future of Agriculture-Part 1Organic Sustainable Farming is the Future of AgricultureMark Jackson: A personal story about farming and the future of agricultureFood for the Future: Agriculture in a Sustainable WorldFuture of Agriculture: Vertical Farms to Sustainable AquacultureTom Heap looks at the past, present and future of agriculture at the Science Museum

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  • agriperma 1 year ago

    Climate change is not just about drought, its about , well, change , Austrailia had major flooding last year after 20+ years of drought. In India mango trees were less productive because of off season rains, and at the same time these areas were getting more rain, places like Texas were going through the worst drought in recent history. lots of this can also be attributed to last years "La Niña" climate change is only part of the problem, and not the sole reason.

  • Brian-Todd Streeper 1 year ago

    BIO CHAR!!!!!

  • ninjayang 1 year ago

    True for those places, but in general the weather patterns will not be consistent for any state or country so it will be hard to decide what should be grown there. And the overpopulation is another reason farmers can't use water to irrigate, and of course that's the real cause of climate change, just too many people on this planet.

  • thpt 1 year ago

    The "take this pill and forget about it" mentality is killing us from all sides. Thoughtful, long-term, ethical, careful action is the only thing that MIGHT save us.

  • Blakerey 1 year ago

    All great except for the comments about climate change. The problems we're having in California, Australia, and the like have little to do anything changing. These are areas that have always had drought problems. The only difference now is that we have global communication to let us know about it instantly.

  • theproducegarden 1 year ago

    good video, good points!

  • , , ubuibiok 1 year ago

    *****, one issue not under planning is a water run off pipeline from the upper Mississippi to the Desert min west….

  • xoxoxo507 1 year ago

    That was a great video. I love when you guys have researchers talking about the overall food system like Jonathan Bloom