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  • Shermanator Osborn 1 year ago
  • MySetDancer1 1 year ago

    Nice dog!

  • Kyle Lester 1 year ago

    Yea I'm using DWC but the ph keeps going back to 8.5 each day and no such organic buffer exists to my knowledge (maybe synthetic is safe to consume?) but they just die. For all the expense of nutes and running pumps it doesn't seem worth it over standard soil types.

  • BrownsABQ 1 year ago

    Since I'm using perlite and vermiculite the plants water 4 times a day for about 15 minutes each cycle, otherwise they would waterlog. If you were using rock or some substrate that won't retain water you could run all day.

  • Kyle Lester 1 year ago

    so how does this work? drip irrigation? The nutrient drips on the plants throughout the day and you just refill the reservoir every so often? Also couldn't you put the plant deeper in the growing medium since tomato will root from its vine?

  • Anwar Abedrabbo 1 year ago

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