Frank Lloyd Wright | How to watch Wright’s landscape design with Therese O’Malley and Jennifer Gray

One of the most widely accepted statements about Frank Lloyd Wright is that he is extremely sensitive to the native ecology surrounding his construction projects. Therese O’Malley and Jennifer Gray found in their research that Wright often uses exotic plants in his landscape design. Discussions about ecology often lead to larger political discussions about race, immigration, and what it means to be native to a particular area. middle. Subscribe to our latest videos and live event invitations: Explore our collection online: Plan your visit in person: “150-year-old Frank Lloyd Wright: Opening the Archives” will open on June 12, 2017. Learn more: Watch more how to watch MoMA videos Watch all MoMA videos on the 150-year-old Frank Lloyd Wright: Open the archive to watch more videos on MoMA Architecture and Design #art #moma #museum # modernart #nyc #architecture #franklloydwright #architect #FLW #museumofmodernart #modernarchitecture #flw150 #landscape #design #ecology.


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