Added by on 2017-07-26 Fractal Water visits The Flower Farm in Prospect, CT to talk to Tom Giamatti about his Fractal Water Vortex Magnetic System installation in his new Hydroponic Greenhouse. The Flower Farm in Prospect, CT didn’t know what to expect with the Fractal Water Vortex Magnetic System. But what he got was accelerated seed germination, his cycle was: seedling tray to the trough = 14 days. Fractal Water reduced that time by 5 days! Fractal Water produces the Vortex Magnetic System for water treatment. Green Houses, Plant Nursery’s, Flower Shops, Small Farms, enjoy increased seed germination, a 10-30%+ increase in crop yield, a 10-30% decrease in water consumption, extended plant life and appearance and more nutrient dense food. Water is the most precious commodity on the planet. This vortex magnetic water can easily save ten thousands a year on water and chemical fertilizer costs, while improving your bottom line. Fractal Water provides systems that integrate into existing plumbing installed directly into the home or business water lines. The Vortex Magnetic System combines two unique technologies, first the Vortex Chamber spins water. The water exists the chamber and now passes through an array of high powered magnets which align the water molecules for better absorption in plants. To Order Direct go to One acre Commercial Hydroponics farm by Techxellance Agrotech (India) Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLarge Scale Aquaponics Farm (Greenhouse, 1 million pounds of food & 35000 fishes, Cold Water)Water Farm HydroponicsChilli Farm – Hydroponics – Water Melon – June 2014Hydroponics Farm For Profit (Greenhouse – All Year Round Harvest and Vertical Farming)World’s Biggest Indoor Vertical Farm Near NYC to Use 95% Less WaterLargest indoor vertical farm uses less water and produces more

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  • James B. Hall 3 months ago

    hey is the plastic bpa free?

  • I have a layman's understanding of the Fibonacci sequence, the fractal field research and Mr Winter's work. I even had the privilege of asking the man a question or two over a forum. I am writing a 5000 work document on the microcosm macrocosm for and I was wondering if you could  help me bridge exactly how a vortex or a crystal structure helps benefit the plant life that absorb it. I don't need that information as much for myself, as I can understand why it will work, in the great scope of things but anyone I am explaining it to does. Many thanks. I will be mentioning you in that article because the more publicity you get the better.

  • Fractal Water, LLC. 3 months ago

    This is a real world situation, the greens are sold to local grocery stores and also distributed through a co-op run by The Flower Farm, Prospect, CT

  • nopoorcopies 3 months ago

    Nice commercial, but does it really work in real world?

  • niti patel 3 months ago

    hello ..where is this farm , is it automated and what was the cost of setting it up