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Food Forest Gardening course in August at The Panya Project! Video Rating: 0 / 5 I share how my wife unknowingly got rid of the aphids in her spinach. The harvest of cucumbers, bell peppers and red, yellow and red onions. Some problems wi… Related PostsNo Dig Gardening Harvest, Backyard Permaculture Food ForestForest Gardening course at Karuna ‘Insight Design’Growing a Fig Tree Forest in an Arizona Garden – My Gardening Secrets – LIVE VIDEO!Vertical Vegetable Garden in 50 rupees only | DIY | Gardening with Deepa MenghaniHow Do I Keep My Indoor Plants Alive? | Gardening Basics w/ William Mossbenefits of gardening

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  • Marcos Ronald Roman Gon 5 years ago
  • Marcos Ronald Roman Gon 5 years ago
  • Marcos Ronald Roman Gon 5 years ago
  • Candy Rayne 5 years ago

    the only fruit you mentioned is peppers, tomato, cucumber, zucchini. A
    fruit has seeds on the inside and berries are not fruit they are berries.
    corn is grain and broccoli is a flowering leafy vegetable, yes radish and
    carrot is a root veg. but potato is a tuber.. 🙂 Brussels sprouts are a
    flowering leafy vegetable as well.

  • Kelly Richardson 5 years ago

    Looks like a Fungus on the tomatos, as long as the stem is not effected
    just keep taking off the effected limbs. Oh, wash your hands after handling
    them to cut down on contact spreading. Awesome garden LDS, love the onions!

  • Suelynn Jacobus 5 years ago

    When you do the weekly feed, did you start this even when they were tiny
    seeds or do you wait till they are a little more developed?

  • Bonnie Ohler 5 years ago

    I am not sure, but I think that “stink bug” on the watermelon is actually a
    squash bug which are horrible pests of squash, and also pests of other
    vining crops like cucumber and melons. Get rid of those things whenever you
    see them.

  • themrboem 5 years ago

    Brussel spruits taste like shit and i can know because im from Belgium

  • charlene fitzgerald 5 years ago

    What is your opinion of using your gardening technique on a larger scale–1
    acre.? You have a lot of success- but to do this on a large scale- I would
    love to hear your opinion. Thank you

  • Shawna Sprouse 5 years ago

    your brussels were not malnurished at all; they were just not pollinated

  • Old Gold 5 years ago

    The Lord always provides. Those brussel sprout plants were humungry. Leaves
    are generally unknown/forgotten but marvelously edible. Some say better
    than the fruit. Try some in your green smoothy for some extra pow. Do
    anything with the leaves you would do with kale.

  • Phillip Stringer 5 years ago

    Great share! Check out The mission is to share
    great ideas with ecologically conscious college students looking to save
    money and save the planet.

  • yavrig1217 5 years ago

    When you’re talking gardening, “fruit” doesn’t mean fruit in the context
    you’re thinking. “fruit” in this case means that the plant is primarily
    used for the vegetable it produces… you have root vegetables (radish,
    carrot, potato, etc), leaf vegetables (spinach, collards, lettuce) and
    fruiting vegetables (like cucumber, broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, corn,
    zucchini, etc)

  • 1994abbygirl 5 years ago

    Let me tell you,I have constantly put food in storage because I would
    share.. but my fear is people do strange things when they are hungry..when
    you look at your children and see that they are starving because you wanted
    that big screen tv,or that fancy cell phone,or that big car or boat instead
    of doing what the church leaders warned us to do, then my is fear that they
    won’t ask for help,but they will come and try to take it. I am not the type
    person who would not share! I have to think safety!

  • 456ptb123 5 years ago

    Two weeks ago there was a big preparedness show at UVU in Orem. Jim Kennard
    and his wife had a booth at the show. I had a great visit with them. About
    a month before that Jim Kennard, his wife, and LDSPrepper did a seminar 3
    days in a row in Sandy, Utah. Lots of info. I’m in Payson and my Mittleider
    garden is looking great…best ever for me.

  • Garden4Flavor 5 years ago

    I have Sweet 100 tomatoes planted too, and they also look like yours! My
    others are doing fine. Also, how do your heavy melons work on a vertical
    set up? Won’t they pull off from their weight? I live in So Cal coastal,
    and am amazed that you are harvesting! You are so far ahead of my garden.
    But still I am having amazing results even now with the Mittleider
    fertilizing. Thanks for sharing!

  • Bonnie Ohler 5 years ago

    Wow. I had to look those up. We don’t have those where I live. They sound
    like they are horrible garden pests. I am glad we don’t get them.

  • GdnPro12 5 years ago

    Had similar issues with Sweet 100. It still produced a lot of tomatoes
    anyway though.

  • john mulholland 5 years ago

    Love your videos and garden. Which state r u in? Thank you

  • jacelyn mckay 5 years ago

    What does fertilizing mean?

  • Pat S 5 years ago


  • Dora Thompson 5 years ago

    V is Verticilium Disease and F is Fusarium (sp?) Wilt. Sweet 100 is
    resistant to both of them.

  • The Productive Garden 5 years ago

    Your garden looks great. Thanks for showing us around.

  • Chiquita Richey 5 years ago

    Using your “off-grid self watering container gardening” but confused about
    the fertilization process. Using your 70% peatmoss, 30% perlite & 3/4 cup
    limestone & 1 cup microlite weekly. Where do I place it wkly because you
    have plastic tied around bucket. Do I still put fertilizer on top of dirt &
    then the Plastic? If yes, what fertilizer? Budget extremely low & can’t buy
    microlite for 2 wks, will the plants be ok for now. Can I do strawberries
    in 10 gal. How can I msg or email you. PLS HELP ME!

  • Kathi W 5 years ago

    What is it you are feeding your plants? I would love to try it!