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I was given an exclusive, all access pass to Ford Motor Co.’s Chicago Assembly Plant for an unfettered tour of how the Ford Taurus is assembled & built. Afterwards, we motored on over to the TDM Facility where the Police Package Taurus is upfitted. Thanks to my pal Jeff Liu of HKMediaChicago for capturing this footage. Related PostsFord Assembly Plant – Chicago, IL2016 Ford Explorer at Chicago Assembly Plant | AutoMotoTVFord Explorer – Chicago Assembly Plant | AutoMotoTVFord Nostalgia – Chicago Assembly PlantFord CEO apologizes for harassment cases at Chicago plantFord Motor Company’s River Rouge Plant – Project of the Week 3/7/16

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  • ford nut 1 week ago

    Billon dollar plant video shot with a potato smh.

  • Christopher Martinez 1 week ago

    Who rices a ford Taurus limited,in this video all I see is the car driving on a parking lot not the tour of the plant.also a fwd car goes slower with a spoiler .

  • Dei3racer 03 1 week ago

    You took a perfectly good Taurus & gave it a getto look with all of the crap you put on it. I'll take my Taurus "Limited" over yours any day. Good luck when you try to sell it.

  • Jeff Prince 1 week ago

    UGH, mostly these guys driving around parking lots. I can't believe Ford didn't give them a proper tour if they were going to allow them to post video.

  • Dalton Smith 1 week ago

    lol an officer doesn't have to be in their jurisdiction to cite you. The're certified to enforce laws/cite people in any part of the state their department resides in

  • rickdomenge 1 week ago

    Poor video quality

  • Adam Sullivan 1 week ago

    HNKMedia…..hahahahahaha sweet camera bro

  • amichalski00 1 week ago

    Change the title to some guy's Taurus driving around a plant.  Tour?  Not much of that in the video

  • Fireship1 1 week ago

    I know this newer explorer isn't very "truck like" my F series is and that's what I use it for, a truck to haul and tow. But the Explorer is a good "urban limo" to haul people and kids. I originally posted the first comment thanking the ford assembly folks for providing me with an excellent build quality. I've had this vehicle almost two full years and I've never had one mechanical issue or fit and finish issue. It's comfy and reliable. Does what i need it to do and I don't push it and ask it to do what it's not intended to do (heavy towing, hauling heavy loads) that's what the F series is for and it excels at that. I've read that a designer from Land Rover lent a hand in the design of the new explorer. I didn't know that Mitsubishi was involved, but with all the collaboration between brands to establish a fresh new model that sells, it wouldn't surprise me. My favorite body style car is actually the Dodge Challenger right now. Love the throwback to the old school muscle cars!

  • Fireship1 1 week ago

    + D Mcnamara I have to agree that the Explorer sure ain't up to any real "explorations" it was way more if a truck when it had body on frame construction. I like it for the fact it's a good family hauler "AKA station wagon" to get a bunch of kids from point A to B. Didn't know that it was a Mitsu knockoff. The way cars are made nowadays I feel like everything is disposable and nothing is made for longevity. As technology goes up reliability goes down. Are things really getting better? Or worse?

  • Fireship1 1 week ago

    You guys made my 2014 explorer. It's a great truck. You all did a great job and I thank you all.

  • Fireship1 1 week ago

    You guys made my 2014 explorer. It's a great truck. You all did a great job and I thank you all.

  • Chanel Cheri33 1 week ago

    the neighborhood is called Hegewisch, lol is so small and a little known part of Chicago that spell check doesn't even know about it!!!! ahahahahahahah I grew up around there and I still don't know how Ford found out about it….

  • Johnny Wadd 1 week ago

    The 2015 Explorer which I recently purchased was manufactured at this Assembly Plant on March 9, 2015. It's a great vehicle and I'd like to thank the auto workers who participated in it's manufacture!

  • WAYNE-O MI 1 week ago

    work at the plant when the Taurus came out in 1986 a good place to work good people good cars think we built 68 an hour that line moved

  • Michael Trondson 1 week ago

    Not only are his camera and shots trash, the camera guy is a total toolbox.

  • theyermany 1 week ago

    Is that camera an older one?? Just wondering because of the funny noises LOL

  • Kubeanie Gaming 1 week ago

    Sho club quality at its finest lol

  • Smith Wesson 1 week ago

    This plant makes garbage..workers don't care and they leave there garbage in the cars…

  • Jay 100 1 week ago

    Chicago makes Ford explorers and Ford Taurus and Lincoln mks