Added by on 2019-03-05’s Kelsey Mays walks you through the Chicago Ford Assembly Plant. Related PostsFord Assembly Plant – Chicago, ILFord Explorer – Chicago Assembly Plant | AutoMotoTVMJ dancer at Ford Assembly plant Chicago2016 Ford Explorer at Chicago Assembly Plant | AutoMotoTVFord Motor Co. Chicago Assembly Plant TourFord Motor Company – Chicago Assembly Plant

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  • Jay 100 5 months ago

    now they build the ford exploer and ford tarus and a licoln car

  • EpiDemic117 5 months ago

    The plant is very old though.

  • EpiDemic117 5 months ago

    90 percent? Are you out of your mind? Those people employed, Electricity, Materials don't come in their plant for free. There is a thing called operating costs. That is where the growth is gained from local suppliers and people employed. When you set up shop here everyone benefits.

  • Fopeano 5 months ago

    The factory lives up to the cars it produces, alright. That factory itself looks like a Ford: Failure Of Rational Design. The Super duty truck plant looks the same way. Such a moisy, unergonomic, dimly lit, dirty place to work seems to share the same kind of engineering blunders that compose the cars themselves.

  • jsparrowfan 5 months ago

    @indyfeds Thank you. I completely forgot I asked the question.

  • @jsparrowfan I work in that plant, and it all depends at how far along in production the car is. They can pull a shell of the assembly line or wait until the car reaches the end which is when any necessary repairs will be made before the car gets shipped out. hope this helps!

  • 1001Hobbies 5 months ago

    @dajohen2 uumm, man (older generation), Nissan has been Japanese long before I was around. Originally sold in US as Datsun the name was then changed to Nissan in 1986, the name of the parent company that owned Datsun, also based in Japan. Just correctin'…

  • Dashcam Dumbasses 5 months ago

    @dajohen2 Nissan is Japanese, well at least it's origin. It's 44% owned by Renault, which helped develop the VQ series engines which turned out to be some of the best V6 engines of all time. All the Nissans meant for the North American market are now assembled in the States or Mexico. Rest are built all over the world.

  • jsparrowfan 5 months ago

    What happens if a car doesn't pass inspection during assembly? For example, when he mentioned the robots alert the people that there is an error- what happens? I'm assuming it gets fixed but I just want to know the whole process.

  • 2354bill6 5 months ago

    Isent Kelsey a girl name?

  • Dajohen2 5 months ago

    @pmhoard …umm Dude. Nissan is Korean, not Japanese. Just sayin…

  • Dajohen2 5 months ago

    I work in an assembly plant and this is the first time I saw the exact same thing I see everyday on YouTube. Cool. The cars I build are way better but I very much respect the history and quality of the Chicago plant.

  • V-tec Soul 5 months ago

    wow this looks like crap compared to the Volkswagen factory

  • ArcticFox1095 5 months ago

    @type2mike I agree! My dad had an '95 F-250 and it had somewhere between 300k -350k before we sold it. Too bad thought, I could have used it. Only needed some body work near and around the bottom and the fenders. Stupid rust. lol

  • Golden Lion 5 months ago

    60 seconds to perform a task seems so fast

  • bestamerica 5 months ago

    my vehicle is a ford and the motor from germany

  • Tom Shuart 5 months ago

    Open since 1924, now that is some history.

  • Nate88 5 months ago

    @bayarea852 You're truly fooling yourself if you think buying an Altima will help American workers, thats NOT where the money goes! The money goes to Japan, helping their economy, not ours. If you're not going to buy American please don't complain about not having American workers build the product when you don't support the company's growth and stability; even though Ford is matching and outperforming it's competitors in every category
    FYI: The 2011 Ford Fusion will be built in Michigan!

  • Eric Nicolson 5 months ago

    Ford and GM make cars all over the world because they are global companies. However, the majority of Ford and GM cars sold in the US are made in the US. Not to mention they are both have their HQ in the US and have a lot of management, engineering, etc. jobs here.

    Plus, the new global Ford Focus will be built just outside of Detroit.

  • rickster348 5 months ago

    After buying an old Ranger at auction w/ 199K, and driving it another 30k w/ just plugs and wires, I bought a 2005 Ranger w/ 18K and would NEVER part w/it! FORD RULES!!!