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I received a number of questions after posting the first hydro lettuce video. So I’m gonna try to explain in detail exactly what I did with the original setup. We’ll look at the drip lines, net cups, water levels, and seed starting. I said in the first video that it was easy. It really is a simple process. Also, we’ll take a look at the dutch buckets and see just how well the tomatoes are growing. And you’ll get to see one of our spoiled cats. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLearn Growing Lettuce Indoor HYDROPONIC SYSTEM Cheap SetupHydroponic Rail System Build – VLOG 2 by HPFirearmsHydroponic Rail System Build – VLOG 3 by HPFirearmsHow to Make a Mini Kratky Hydroponic System for LettuceGrowing Vegetables indoor – Hydroponic LettuceNFT Hydroponic System by The Lettuce People

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  • Theresa Morrison 1 year ago

    I really like your tutorials, your voice is just right you keep to the point with some humor and no trash noise to distract viewing. whomever is helping video gets some at-a-boys also. Your product is fabulous. God bless you and your family.

  • FLBRGZ 1 year ago

    Can you tell me what the actual pvc rectangular tube is originally used for, I am trying to find similar but I can only find rectangular down pipe which is too small,

  • JacobsOompa 1 year ago

    Great video….wow yes that cat is spoiled……what a life…..LOL…
    I get a kick out of your tomato and lettuce display…..and I start salivating…or foamin' at the mouth…wanting to reach thru the screen here and grab your big ripe tomato and the lettuce and build me a big o sandwich….WOOF…….I start laughing listening to you….and for me it is great entertainment…You are so THOROUGH with your information and I enjoy your stance on WHAT WORKS FOR YOU…and that is good to stand by. We all learn from bits and pieces from each other and then determine what is good for ourselves. I do not believe there is an EXACT way to do any of it…because of all of the differentials involved with each individual and where they live also.
    Thanks so much for your videos….I watch all the time and will continue to RE-watch them time again.
    God BLess and enjoy the fruits of your labors.
    Ken from Orlando, Florida, USA

  • KAYAKERSTAN 1 year ago

    All of your videos have been very informative. Really like this video but how are you attaching and sealing the end caps on the rail system to prevent the nutrient water from leaking out?

  • Cindy Digh 1 year ago

    Can I call you?

  • Bob Ueckerlele 1 year ago

    dude I've been watching a ton of your videos as well as others by people whom you've inspired.  Over here, I'm going to make my first soon here.  Got a baby girl (also my first) on the way, I want to be able to teach her how to do this stuff.  Your attitude is so cheerful and positive and the fact that you're sharing this stuff is so useful to all of us out here.  Thanks man.

  • Wade Brinson 1 year ago

    Bobby- so glad I found you a couple weeks ago! I've watcher 125 of your clips on you tube and really enjoy them! You certainly know more about gardening than I. Now,I just got to say this.
    DUDE! You are seriously messed up! Ya' just ain't right!Boy,what is the matter with you? You got this regular old garden,plenty big but you don't stop there. You got a few green houses,growing in raised beds,bags,"back to edan",bucket,aquaponics,hydroponics .Only thing you don't grow in is bales(that I've seen so far).
    And then there's the quantity! Lordy,you grow'n enough to feed an army! And what is all this stuff you're grow'n that I can't even say the name of let along spell it? Are you serious? Ain't no tarheel country boy grow'n bacchoy,arugala, and that little tree you like to eat off of! And you ain't even got one row of okra out there in that garden!Every southern country boy is going to raise okra! I don't think you are "heirloom",you got to be a hybrid! 
    And what you got to grow so many different things?Lordy,y'all ain't even got that many tastebuds in your mouth! And there ain't one single woman anywhere that knows how to cook all that much stuff! How many people you got help'n her learn all this?
    Well, that was fun! Just had to do it! Hope you enjoyed it as it took a lot of effort on my part to type that much!Now for a serious question for you.
    Is there any garden pest that hot peppers won't work on? That's all I use except A bonide product for potato bugs.I don't think a person would actually "need" anything but hot pepper spray for pest control!I would think people would be all over this being it is "100% natural,organic!" but i've told lot's of people and nobody get's on the wagon.
    Keep make'n them clipsdude. I really enjoy them!


  • branndon77 1 year ago

    Do you run this system with a pump timer or do you run it constantly? If so, what pump timer do you recommend?….Good video thanks

  • Drunken Gamer 1 year ago

    i appreciate

  • Dominique Dupont 1 year ago

    thanks for the simplicity while still being very good.

  • Tom tran 1 year ago

    Can I use any kind of Epsom salt to mix with the 4-18-38 or it Have to be garden epson salt?

  • burhan toğrul 1 year ago

    thk  for  your  expl.  

  • jane irvine 1 year ago

    Hi!  Could you tell us where you find those rails? 

  • Jon Lee 1 year ago

    First I enjoyed your videos. My question is can you use the Kratky method with the rail system ? Your video of the 32X48 krathy bed is 6" depth so is the rail. Have you tried that yet. Just wondering if you can save money not buying water pump, air pump and hoses. Just wondering. Keep up the good Vids.

  • joshuawgarner 1 year ago

    Stand them suckers up on their ends to grow vertically. Put you drain (1/2" male barb, threaded in with marine epoxy) in a cap on the bottom. Drill 1/2" hole in a 2" pvc pipe for sump line. Every 18" pop in a rail. Use your current drain as a supply. Inside use a 1/2" 180 degree $1 irrigation fitting pointed down the rail. Put your pump on a photovoltaic switch, 24/7 air pump and ceramic reusable air stones (worth every penny and I disagree on China mart pumps. Don't waste any money on a throw away pump. Get one that can be rebuilt the FIRST time), oh and ventilation. 3/4" electric pvc "bulkhead fitting" 6" from the bottom turn to a 90 down and rubber band a piece of screen to keep bugs out but allow airflow in your root zone same cover for the top under a cap with half a dozen 1/4" holes drilled in it to slow algae growth. Uhhhhhhhh…. small 1/2" #10 stainless steel screws to secure net cups, don't forget pilot holes. Besides that get a truchen to test ec and keep a close eye on pH.

    Neoprene caps hold in hydoton…

    Hit me up for full explanation. 

  • justgivemethetruth 1 year ago

    I definitely see why you decided to move into hydroponics from outdoor gardening with your tractor … most impressive.  Thanks for the great explanations and videos.

    You know Bobby, I am seeing your name, mhpgardener in more and more comments at Amazon and all over.  You are really helping a lot of people with this.

    I finally did the "air layering" thing where you cut a bottle in half and taped it around a tomato stem until it sprouts roots … I have one hell of a healthy tomato clone now and that was one of the coolest ideas I've seen.  Thanks again.

  • raincadeify 1 year ago

    I'm wondering about whether its unsafe to have the metal piece in the water if it's got  a zinc coating. That might leach bad stuff into your water. Just a thought. Your videos are fantastic. So clear and concise and informative. You really have a talent, first for building/creating and second, for teaching. I bet you're a jack of all trades! Thank you.
    PS- Where are you from? You sound Louisiana or Gulf Coast, is that close? Or South Carolina?

  • jay harbert 1 year ago

    mph…I noticed your Tennessee hat. Do you live in Tenn? My wife and I are going to vacation in the Murphreesboro/Gatlinburg area in a couple of weeks. Coming from Louisiana. Would per chance we be near you? would love to visit your setup and get some ideas. Thanks

  • jnowicki71 1 year ago

    You are AWESOME!!!  Hubby and I are seriously rethinking the last 4 years of Square Foot Gardening and switching over to Hydro and Aquaponics!!!!  Going to try the lettuces and herbs first using the Hydroponics method!  Thank You for sharing your knowledge #CountryfolkgettinItDone #GodBlessTheSouth  

  • redroseaus 1 year ago

    cool as!!