Added by on 2016-11-13 Fodder Nation allows you to Grow your own Fodder. Sprouted Barley Fodder is a nutritious grass feed for all grazing animals. Fodder, a living food is complete nutritionally, highly digestible, animals love it and is the most healthy way to feed. Fodder has an 80 percent nutrient absorption rate compared to 30 percent for hay. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLyine Brand hydroponic system fodder sprout machine for livestock/animal/cattle/horse/goat/poultryGovind Dairy Hydroponic fodder production low cost techniqueGrowing hydroponics Fodder step by stepTips for raising hydroponic fodder grass & vissaka farmers experience‘Mati Vina Sheti’ – Hydroponic System- A Unique solution to fodder scarcityAquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made Easy

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  • Saud H 1 year ago

    Hi very good Job ,thank you , what is the inside humidity and temperature ? and the light will be always on? or only be switched on day time .? Regards

  • joseph Both 1 year ago

    How much is it a unit i wish to use in a feedlot i require to feed 3000 sheep can you help

  • shoshana taylor 1 year ago

    i would like to get more information is there any email that i can contact you?

  • Diana Jo Rossano 1 year ago

    Vinegar would do a better job than the chlorine and isn't as toxic.

  • Lee Priest 1 year ago

    Hi, do you have these units in South Africa ? It looks much better than the Fodder solutions unit and easier to maintain and operate 

  • david horton 1 year ago

    Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks for the input. we have a great system and it works! we are producing over 500lbs a day in the unit right now. Average weight is from 14-15 lbs at the 8 day. We are feeding- Cattle, horses, and emu's at this point.. That's right, we started growing to reduce the costs and upgrade the quality of feed for our own animals, before we even began to think about building units to help others. The 10 foot unit is also capable of producing up to 800 lbs per day if needed. I do not know just what type of seed you use, but ours is really clean. and if it was not I'm sure we would have to treat it different.

  • carolyn stuckey 1 year ago

    Your main problem in your system that I can see is that if you do not start with extremely clean seeds you will trap chafe in your seed beds that will promote mold growth, the rest of your system looks ok from what I can see except that when you drip from the upper trays and drain down thru the rest of your trays if you were to get a mold out brake you could potentially loose you entire beds by spreading the mold spores Thanks for sharing your system though you are on the right track I believe.

  • Agripina Malagon 1 year ago

    That's cool.

  • Penni Krieg 1 year ago

    The prices for Fodder Nation seem to compare a lot better than Fodder solutions buildings.

  • Theressa Haydon 1 year ago

    I have been researching on growing fodder and this Fodder Nation system with the stage 1 towers looks like the best idea yet.

  • Bradeen Aleen 1 year ago

    WOW that is a nice looking fodder growing building.

  • Myra Spelman 1 year ago

    This is a great idea with the droughts going on and climate change.

  • Mellie Oconnell 1 year ago

    Hay dealers just keep raising the price of hay. feeding fodder has saved me a lot of money.

  • Art Fane 1 year ago

    I am a preppier and i love the idea of growing my one food for my animals.

  • Trang Kosloski 1 year ago

    That's a great video, it rely ex-planes what fodder is all about.

  • Benedict Cheatham 1 year ago

    We have goats, sheep, horses and chickens and they all just love their fodder. Yields are up and it is saving money.

  • Yukiko Kintner 1 year ago

    Feeding fodder to my horses has cut my feed bill in half and my horses love it!