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  • david lahey 1 year ago

    In the USA the plastic rack is called a bread rack. Can be found at restaurant

  • our techniques 1 year ago

    provide your contact number. i wanted to visit your farm. my number is 8709694880

  • RAHUL RAI 1 year ago


  • Home Container Gardening 1 year ago


  • Ashwini Kumar 1 year ago

    but what about cost of seeds?

  • MANGAL Puri 1 year ago

    how to deal with fungi

  • Ufoh Akunamaka 1 year ago

    Please i have managed to get the corn to sprout but there seems to be any further from this level water it

  • ALOSIOUS G 1 year ago

    where I buy this tray

  • Omkar Dev 1 year ago

    Can we use fertilizers like urea for past group or not .plz give suggestion.

  • MANPRIT SINGH 1 year ago

    awesome tecnique

  • VAJAN SINGH 1 year ago

    muj bhi hydroponic withi se chara ugana please contact no

  • UK Prasad kumar 1 year ago


  • Saikrupa Rabbits 1 year ago


  • Namuddu Norah 1 year ago

    can this fodder be fed on broilers chickhen

  • Forraje Verde Hidropónico Tabasco 1 year ago

    Undoubtedly the green maize forage is an alternative rather than efficient, it is the best thing that man can manipulate in the nature without stopping doing it hand in hand with the ecology. In Tabasco Mexico I dedicate myself to advise in sprouts to make this beautiful mat of hydroponic green fodder. I invite you to see my work on Facebook: forraje verde hidroponico tabasco pollosdesintoxicados

  • budgies parrots breeder 1 year ago

    sir sunlight is requir or not plz rply

  • Against the Modern World 1 year ago

    Is that plastic mat or liner that went into the bottom of some trays?? How is it removed before feeding fodder to the animals?

  • Amazing Bobby 1 year ago

    how to prevent mold?