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Click Here to Subscribe – Get Exclusive Videos- In this video we talk about the importance of flushing your plants before you harvest so you can get that top shelf weed. Flushing your plants will allow the excess nutrient solution to be washed out. In this video we show how to flush a rockwool Hydroponic garden but this works in any growing medium as well. This is the place to be if you are looking to grow your own Marijuana! We will cover everything you need to know in order to grow your own weed at home, set up a home grow, learn about cannabis genetics, make hash and edibles. We will be dropping tips and tricks that will help you increase your yields so be sure to subscribe for more! All content provided on this Channel is for EDUCATIONAL AND ENTERTAINMENT purposes only. The employees, agents, producer, and affiliates of this Channel make no representations as to the accuracy, completeness, fitness or legality of any information on this Channel or in ANY of its Videos or Links. The School of Hard Nugs is based in Colorado, USA. Recreational and medical marijuana use, cultivation, and manufacture are legal under the laws of the State of Colorado; however, the Content of the Videos and the Channel itself is for ENTERTAINMENT AND EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. THE POSSESSION, USE, CULTIVATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF ANY AMOUNT OF MARIJUANA, INCLUDING SEEDS, IS ILLEGAL UNDER U.S. FEDERAL LAW, AS WELL AS MANY STATE LAWS. THE SCHOOL OF HARD NUGS DOES NOT ADVOCATE OR ENDORSE THE CONTRAVENTION OF THE LAW. The School of Hard Nugs features content about marijuana, marijuana cultivation, marijuana products manufacture, marijuana consumption, hemp, and other cannabis-related subject matter, including but not limited to: drug laws, drug tests, the recreational use of […]

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  • Atouk 1 year ago

    I use reverse osmosis water and dirt/vermiculite (More vermiculite than dirt) in 5 gallon buckets for my grows. During the last 3 or 4 days, I siply flush through the buckets with RO water and allow it to drain out the bottom of the buckets. I grow with either Nitrogen fertilizer for the first week or two, and then when I throw the lights from 18 hours to 12 hours, I switch over to phosphates. Soil grown plants love the acidic range, and I find that starting with neutral (7.0 PH) RO water, it goes acidic when I add fertilizer to the mix. My end product gets rave reviews. NNot a single person has ever said anything about a chemical taste. In fact, the most common comment is how good it smells/tastes, and how well it burns. I swear by using reverse osmosis water.

  • Cuttykidd1970 W311970 1 year ago

    Asking I use the tap and it always @ 6 ppm and I flush 14days

  • Cuttykidd1970 W311970 1 year ago

    Do u keep the lights on 100% till cut down day ??? In hydro I'm just look to learn more on your way to finish up the flush

  • Cesar Martinez 1 year ago

    What neutrinos do you use!

  • Cr remedies 1 year ago

    is this room completely sealed

  • The Phantom 1 year ago

    I like the TV crime show the unflushables ?

  • Lifeiz Precious 1 year ago

    He sounds really intelligent…and he's really handsome,,by the way

  • tres Coleman 1 year ago

    what happens if you don't flush nutrients

  • FightingCooky 1 year ago

    dope Video

  • weedosoarus Rex 1 year ago

    Great tutorial on flushing, beautiful autumn colors on those girls, cheers man

  • WelcomeHome76 1 year ago

    Recirculating the runoff seems counter intuitive. Just putting the stuff u flushed back into the cubes. Imo run ro to waste for the flush. Flushing is a good time to add sweetness too. Flowers look great though!

  • Ben Munoz 1 year ago

    Great video. What strain is that with the fall/autumn color scheme? Lookin dank

  • Ramiro Flores 1 year ago

    check video plz what's gud for pre veg

  • Ramiro Flores 1 year ago

    need help with plant any gud advice

  • THC Titan 1 year ago

    Watching this on the toilet… I guess we are flushing together today!

  • E Money The Med Savage 1 year ago