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In this video, Liquid Jade talks about flushing cannabis using a hydroponic system – DWC (deep water culture) Video Submitted By: Products shown/mentioned in this video: Spectrum King LED light- DWC kit- SCROG net- Skunk Labs nutrients- Dehumidifier- 4×8 grow tent- Carbon Filter- Inline Fan- PPM meter- pH meter- Oscillating fan- Temperature and humidity monitor- ►Grow Equipment: The BEST tools and equipment for growing! Mr. Grow It’s recommended equipment: ► Learn How To Grow! Beginner eBook!: Advanced eBook!: Website: ►Get seeds: Seeds from 3 reliable seed banks! HUGE variety and good deals! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @BestHomeGrow @MrGrowIt Just Grow It is a Community Channel. Viewers submit videos and the best videos get featured. SUBMISSION: If you want to submit a video to this YouTube channel, simply fill in the SUBMIT form located on our website at: If you are a business and would like to sponsor us or for us to endorse your product, please email: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsCLONES IN A DWC SYSTEM! (DEEP WATER CULTURE) – HYDROPONIC SYSTEMGROWING WEED IN A HYDROPONIC SYSTEM – DWC (DEEP WATER CULTURE)DEEP WATER CULTURE AUTOFLOWER CANNABIS – BEGINNERS GUIDE Documentary (Legal Medical – Adults 18+)How To Setup a Hydroponic DWC Deep Water Culture Systemrecirculating deep water culture hydroponic grow systemHow to Build Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System

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  • Just Grow It 3 months ago

    Spectrum King LED light-
    DWC kit-

    Other equipment I recommend->

  • Jeffrey Bozko 3 months ago

    so the blue/red leds was all just marketing bs? white ones are better after all ?

  • Tomasz Zaleski 3 months ago

    …so for how long do You flush your DWC system?. do you do the 14 days? AWESOME VID MAN!!

  • Tomasz Zaleski 3 months ago

    Is int DWC Aeroponics?

  • Morten Jørgensen 3 months ago

    well yeah but some areas the water ph levels are totaly off and then u need to ph it also the plants at young age are gonna thrive faster and start to take of about 3-5 days faster (UNLESS) your plants/strain/clone is used to your system and area ph lvls then no need to ph

  • Jack Cooper 3 months ago

    Organic hemp is the best no chemys

  • John Smith 3 months ago

    can't wait to hear the final numbers on 900 watts . that looks like 3-4 pounds .. really awesome. I heard these can pull as much as 2.5lbs based on strain and size of course.
    happy harvest . GL.

  • Boston Grower 3 months ago

    I'm going to be starting my new grow room and I'm switching over to flood and drain and dwc in the other half. any suggestions for a newbie to hydro

  • raymond bailey 3 months ago

    Beautiful grow man .

  • Just Grow It 3 months ago

    If you’re new to growing indoors, our NEW website Best Home Grow lists all the equipment you'll need in different tent sizes:

  • Damien Robles 3 months ago

    looks good man! can't wait to see some more on it. do a time lapse vid on the harvest??

  • James Silverio 3 months ago

    Look into Fluence Bioengineering. So many mixed reviews on the Spectrum brand. I steered clear.

  • Flander M. Anderson 3 months ago

    popcorn buds are for pre-smoke curing…

  • JmonHeymon N 3 months ago

    looks great !

  • kbr56 3 months ago

    next time defoliate ur canopy less room era

  • aztec warrior 3 months ago

    Good looking grow bro!.

  • Six Man 3 months ago

    hey i got tht same ph pen how do u calibrate it and how often