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Are flying out the door as fast as I make them. Order yours by messaging me here on YouTube. Shipped in the US. I ship Internationally by quote. Thanks! ♫ 任性 Music by Green Grid / 綠格子 Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsAT&T Joins Green Grid Board of DirectorsThe Green Grid Forum 2012 – Sneak Peek #1Green Grid – Warlocks – Contemporary Lounge MusicInterview with Mark Aggar, The Green Grid and Microsoft, Part 1Shipping container house – Green roofIan Douglas Jones on his Green Grid exhibit


Green Roofs


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  • Mountain Storm 1 year ago

    Time and materials. Check your inbox.

  • Mountain Storm 1 year ago

    Hmmm,,,,well you'd probably have me do it. :)

  • Mountain Storm 1 year ago

    I just ordered more green and clear cell cast material. There is only one of these left. I was thinking about blue…I like blue but the green looks amazing.

  • HansensUniverse 1 year ago

    if you make one in blue i'll order another one 🙂 and i have two 

  • Mountain Storm 1 year ago

    I should charge extra…lol. There is only one left.

  • matt steenberge 1 year ago

    These are real nice!

  • PAINFOOL13 1 year ago

    CDMG cyber green ! 

  • Gabe Hunt 1 year ago

    they look awesome! super bright!