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Alex from the Grow Show hydroponic supplies in Michigan explains in detail the Flo n Gro hydroponic system and expansions. Alex Flo N Grow Flood and Drain Hi I’m Alex. Here at the Grow Show to talk about the Flo N Gro Hydroponics system. Its a great system that come inclusive, all in this drum here. This 55 gallon drum is your reservoir . You have 3/4 inch pre-cut line. Those go to the 4 gallon pots with the tight fitting insert. These mesh buckets are great because they don’t get caught inside the bucket and have 360 degree mesh walls. There are 12 of these inside the unit with the pumps and attachments along with the brain, ready to go for your own flood and drain hydroponic system. 2 maxi jet pumps, all your pre-cut line, and all the necessary fittings. This also comes with a manual to show you how to set it up. This is a very easy system to use. You add your nutrients into the reservoir, the brain floods them to the buckets and they drain back using gravity. This system operates using the Oceanus 1 Flo-N-Gro controller. This system is expandable up to 24 sites using these Flo-N-Gro 6 cell expansion kits. 3/4 inch line is much better than the 1/2 inch line found in most systems. It doesn’t clog as much and floods the systems much more efficiently. Very easy to set-up. Most people set it up within one hour. This system is very efficient for people with lower grow room ceiling heights because the plants can sit right on the ground. You can fill them with any growing medium or use a SmartPot. All of these products are available at the Grow Show in Ann Arbor, Michigan- or on our website, […]

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  • Donald Graham 1 year ago

    This Hydroponic Program  is so full of good information and ideas for me and my beginning career in Hydroponic gardening. I am ready to expand from my fish pond to a full Hydroponicsystem. Great book. Many thanks for creating such an informative and easy to understand system and videos. Hydroponics4you taught me more than I ever imagined about Hydroponic systems [ Check Details Here ===> ]. I have learned things that are making a huge difference in my gardening. I would recommend your program to anyone, no matter if they have years of Hydroponics experience of if they are complete beginners on the subject."

  • Jemmis The Chemist 1 year ago

    where can I buy this system in Canada? I'm beggining to become extremely frustrated because I cannot find vendors near me nor can this be shipped to my location, please help 🙁

  • QuebecOffroading 1 year ago

    lol this guy smokes too much weed, i can see his eyes blazed from here lol

  • Takwesha Noli 1 year ago

    Within a single weekend I built my own aquaponics system and I also have already grown tomatoes, lettuces, green beans and plenty of other vegetables and fruits

  • Enrique Goitia 1 year ago

    what lph can your pumps push out at a height of 1.3m. that barrel looks pretty deep. If you were to pump upwards in a vertical fashion instead of going down and using gravity to help the pump, how much lph does it loose

  • Enrique Goitia 1 year ago

    Hey could you help me in choosing a water pump for my flood and drain?
    im trying to run a flood and drain but i dont know how much power (lph) a water pump needs to push up water at a height of 1.3-1.4m straight up into the top tray.
    my tray drains at a rate of 1500lph (more or less, it drains 20l in 45 seconds) with a bell siphon design. as far as i know the water going up should be weaker than the water going to allow it to drain efficiently?
    any idea? thanks for helping a fellow WATER GARDENER

  • Beula Jurries 1 year ago

    The issue with hydroponics is you will need to shop for "plant food" or nutrition and supplements that can be pricey. Aquaponics includes the most effective elements of Hydroponics And Aquaculture so lower price and also improve efficiency
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  • Jacob Sierra 1 year ago

    If i put 12 plants how many lamps n how many watts would i need

  • Nannaboy1 1 year ago

    What is the Min. Amount of lights you reccomend for a small one plant DWC? I've read 100 Watts per square foot, but it would appear all the lights i find are 250 or bigger? Whats the best light for an all around grow and for the best price? I was hoping to be able to put a simple light up over my one bucket system and not pay alot of money.