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Flat roofing with GRP Fibreglass has many benefits over traditional roofing methods. Video Rating: / 5 Rusted metal roofs don’t have to be replaced. We can stop the rust while it is still surface rust and keep the integrity of the metal. Our reflective epoxy roof coatings cut energy bills, are rebated by Austin Energy, extend the life of the roof, and can provide tax benefits. Related PostsRoll roofing installation, Flat roof installation step by step ,must watch!Firestone EPDM Rubber Roofing Installation on a Flat RoofCommercial & Flat Roofing ExpertsRoll Roofing , how to install a basic flat roof, torch down roofing !How To Replace A Flat Roof – Argyle Roofing Contractorshow to install grp fibreglass flat roof, roofing tutorial pt 1


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  • Benedict Clarke 1 year ago

    Not a sound investment if you do hand it over to your kids, because as you say, you won't have to replace it in your life time, but they will!!

  • Peter Hodgkinson 1 year ago

    Actually, I can vounch for every word said in this video. I had my outbuilding done in this, and it is every bit as good + reliable as is said.
    I have already had the roof for long enough to see two visits of people re-doing (re-tarring) the felt roofs of neighbour's outbuildings!
    Having said that, not so sure about the "50 years" longevity, but it certainly seem it will be good for 20!

  • Dilip Kumar Kunar 1 year ago

    Is there any product to stop leakage from Old Brick work walls duly plastered Water Tank for Domestic use in my house. The Tank size is around 4ft. X 7ft X Height 6 ft. Total Area of Application would be around 160 Sq Ft. .Can the Company suggest the most appropriate product of theirs and method of application, preferably with a video. D K Kunar Serampore-712203, West Bengal, India. Mob 0091 9903105172 E mail ID:

  • Web 1 Roofing Media 1 year ago

    There is a lot of publicity given to TPO, PVC and EPDM. I wasn't even aware of fiberglass roofing for flat roofs. It looks like an excellent system. How does the cost compare with the other flat roofing systems?

  • Laughing Achilles 1 year ago

    I did a diy install of this, it was so easy and it's completely watertight. The great thing about it is that once a leak pops up, it's easy to patch. Give it 20 years, find a small leak and you can patch it like new. Unlike felt which ultimately will have to be stripped off.

    This stuff is the future for flat roofs and if you're into DIY like myself then it's really cheap.

  • weymuff fisher 1 year ago

    50yrs my arse!

  • wildwill1970 1 year ago

    at 5:42 isn't that ladder upside down?  It's painful on the feet walking on the round side of the rungs.

  • Michael leahcim 1 year ago

    I have had a GRP fibreglass roof fitted less then 3 years ago by a roofer and it has 3 leaks already (pin holes) water getting into the plasterboard and light fitting and puddles on the floor…the roofer has gone bankrupt now. and has left me with a crap roof please see this video by clicking on my youtube name above….I think I got a cowboy

  • LegendaryCazaclaw 1 year ago

    Looks pretty good overall. Not 100% sold on putting it directly over the wood deck however. Would be a nightmare if you ever need to take it off for whatever reason. 

  • Ian Moffatt 1 year ago

    You won't get pin holes if its installed correctly, paddle rollers are used on grp roofs – its the most important tool. Don't use ply as it can delaminate you should instead use OSB3 boards and keep them DRY! The top coat won't peal if it's applied correctly and the base resin only cracks if you add too much catalyst which in turn will make the resin cure too quick and will cause it to crack. How many felt roofs have you had to repair due to cracks, tears, damage from tiles? 0 if it was GRP!!!

  • Igor Andrejev 1 year ago

    Thank you for the video

  • sean michael Davis 1 year ago

    is that bloke in the white t shirt Gordon ramsay !

  • Ellie Williams 1 year ago

    Jonny what a fucking muppet u are go die tosser

  • paul myers 1 year ago

    so do you mate look stupid that is. because you cant even spell

  • Jonathan Healey 1 year ago

    Good beginners intro – well done GRP roofing!

  • Sam XM 1 year ago

    how much does it cost for 2×3 meters est?

  • Jimmy Widdrington 1 year ago

    sorry eddie but this is bullshit,ive just stripped a felt roof that was on for 41 years the deck underneath was almost perfect so it wasnt even leaking bad,and as for a grp roof lasting 50 years,fucking no chance,what about pin holes,the top coat pealing and the base resin cracking,the roof sweating and the plywood being saturated,also cant see any paddle rollers so you will have pin holes,and as for increasing the value of the house,they must be fucking stupid to believe that absolute bullshit

  • Toy Mit 1 year ago

    Be good to see what the roof looks like now given the rust was just painted over. Seen rust come up worse when doing that.

  • robert richards 1 year ago

    holy shit your the only ones who do this right on youtube! good job fellas!!!

  • Dalton Jones 1 year ago

    what luck, almost level roofs, what about steep roofs?

  • Gi Jeet 1 year ago

    I'm in the planning stages, my roof will be brand new. 24'x40' how much to caulk each bolt and spray seal the roof?

  • Tony Haboush 1 year ago

    question we have a fully rusted roof will ur solution work to fix a rusted roof??

  • Peter Ike Trocio 1 year ago

    what sprayer did you use?

  • Peter Ike Trocio 1 year ago

    what sprayer did you use?

  • Kristina Kozlovsky 1 year ago

    fall protection? pressure washer on the roof? spray with the panels for technique
    overall a good process but don't you have osha in texas?

  • David Rains 1 year ago

    Rust needs air and water. They stopped it from continuing to rust. Good Job!

  • delivertotheliver 1 year ago

    I think the rust should have been actually treated first rather than just spraying primer over. Primer is normally best at preventing rust in the first place, it does very little for rust that is already there. The final roof looked good, but it should when it's just been done. I just think so much trouble and time was used in doing a nice job, when nothing was really done to treat and stop the existing rust other than a pressure clean.

  • Aaron Trail 1 year ago

    You're the first person online that knows how to spray

  • Choo Choo Tiny House 1 year ago

    Building a Tiny House with used and surface rusted roofing panels.  I'm thinking I'm going to be using this technique.  One of the best I've seen!

  • IUSECAMERAS 1 year ago

    DAMN!! yall are NOT playing!! that was INTRICATE as hell! GOOD JOB!!

  • Andrew Stuckey 1 year ago

    No masks??

  • Foil Board 1 year ago

    Brilliant Job. Keep sharing such kind of clippings.

  • Ricardo Junqueira 1 year ago

    Pretty cool method. And the roof looked killer after it was all done. Good job.