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This video illustrates the basic procedure for installing and replacing a flat roof. Since the video was made, there have been advances in industry working practices, and the techniques used today differs from those shown. Specialist Roofing Services from Argyle Roofing With the expertise and resources to undertake any size of contract, our team of experienced roofers will undertake every roofing job with the same professional approach. We understand that you trust us to carry out critical work on your building, be it your home or a commercial property. Our range of roofing services includes: New Roofs, Flat Roofs, Lead Work, Slating, Asphalting and Tilting We believe that you will not find a roofing company operating in Hounslow, Acton, Ealing, Kingston & the surrounding areas. For a friendly and personal service, we invite you to try us. Call us today on 0800 3891043. Request a Quote: Want to know how much a job will cost? We can provide a free no-obligation quote for any of your roofing work. Get in Touch Website: Telephone: 0208 567 9750 Mobile: 07919 541232 Email: Related PostsHow To Replace A Flat Roof – Argyle Roofing Contractorshow to install grp fibreglass flat roof, roofing tutorial pt 1Roll Roofing , how to install a basic flat roof, torch down roofing !How to repair a flat roof leak Underwater permanently – Karnak 19 Ultra Rubberized FlashingStrip a Flat Felt Roof – Replace a flat roofFirestone EPDM Rubber Roofing Installation on a Flat Roof

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  • Never, ever do the cutting over the bottom layer. Ever!

  • zofran60 2 weeks ago

    Keep up the good work.

  • drmachinewerke1 2 weeks ago

    If you need a skilled commercial roofer . Send a airplane ticket and I will show you gents how we do it here in the USA. And by the way I will bring my own tools along with Proper PPE. Freaking scabs

  • georgeEPC 2 weeks ago

    Just goes to show you there are shitty roofers everywhere, more bad than good

  • scottiemfc 1 week ago

    Mmmmm lovely , did you park your horses outside ?
    How did you stop your spurs from piercing the felt !!!
    Pls people don't get these people to do your roof !!!!! Yeeeeehaaaaaa

  • Mercer General Construction 1 week ago

    I did torch down flat roofing for 20 years. Not enough heat is being put on the rubber you need flow out. See here a professional roofing contractor serving Yardley PA.

  • sonnystreeks 1 week ago

    If this is your specialty how bad are you at other roofing? I feel bad for the home owner

  • Mick Ball 1 week ago

    i think you need to get a better person to represent ypu`r company, the guy in the video comes across as though he doesn`t know what he`s on about! and amateur

  • Matt Wilde 1 week ago

    It was going so well until you started torching !!!!!!!

  • LongerMed 1 week ago

    My friend supply roofing roll forming machines. His whatsapp is +8613812008720

  • servant of JESUS CHRIST 1 week ago

    good stuff

  • hollywog1122 1 week ago

    Wow you ain't no roofer your a cowboy. Yeeeeeeharrrrrrrrr

  • darren harlow 1 week ago

    it always makes me cring when I see so called flat roofers who think they know what there doing.1 you haven't got a bead of bitchumen bleeding out of all your lap joints,2 you don't go up the flashing with your cap sheet you do separate flashing and 3 its not glue as my European friend says it should be  lead mate mastic and 4 I bet the job pissed in at the first sign of rain sorry but wrong wrong wrong

  • Happy Days 1 week ago

    Good very professional , thanks