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Flat Roof estimate and how we price a new flat roof.

Free roof estimates and how much dose a new roof cost are all questions I’m asked freequently when answering the phone Unfortunately there is no such thing as a free roof estimate as someone along the line is paying for our time If it’s not you it’s our last customer. The price of a new roof is often given in square meters as a general rule of thumb. The cost of a new flat roof is between £50 and £80, however, the job of the roof estimator is to assess the cost of all the other items that are needed to give a good estimate of cost.
Fixed roof quotations can be given after a full site inspection has been undertaken; the differences between a roof estimate and a roof quotation is one is an estimated cost and the other is fixed and the fixed cost can only be given after a full roof survey has been undertaken.
Providing an estimate for a new flat roof over the phone is not easy however using photos and basic information I can usually give a rough estimate of the cost.
If you are going to call me, It helps if we can establish the following.
Is this a new flat roof or an old flat roof?
The area of the flat roof that needs covering?
If its an old flat roof, what is the old covering?
Do you want to insulate the roof to the new Building Regulation Part L1B?
Do you want to strip the old flat roof or do you want to use an overlay system and go over the old roof?
Even if you haven’t got all the answers to all the questions above I can still offer a free roof estimate over the phone.
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Flat Roof Estimates

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