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A S AGRI AND AQUA LLP ( AS Group) is the group of talented youth and experienced people from different verticals came together to see through their common goal of Agriculture and Aquaculture, forming a promising company which is leading in Hi-Tech Agriculture and Aquaculture. Company was founded a couple of years back registered in march 2018, A S AGRI AND AQUA LLP is a company specializing in bringing the best in agriculture and Aquaculture. Based in Thane, Maharashtra, India. A S Group having branch offices in Thane, Belgaum, Nashik, Pune, Kolhapur, Dubai, UK. A S Group deals in revolutionary technology in Vertical farming, Aquaculture, Bio-CNG, Health Care & food supplements, contract farming, turmeric trading and many more. A S Group is the most reliable and trusted company in this line of work. Company involved into the production and trading and export of the various types of products. Here’s how the company is going to change the way of traditional Agri / Aqua farming done in the country. For More Information call / Whatsapp :- +91 88799 00208 #Vertical_Farming #Aquaculture #FishFarming #Agri #Aqua #Farming #ASGroup #HiTechVerticalFarming #HiTechAgriculture #HiTechAquaculture #BioCNG #Turmeric #PrashantZade #KamleshOze #HarshalOze Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFirst Time In India: Turmeric Vertical Farming By A S Agri And Aqua LLP. | Maharashtra, IndiaFirst Time In Asia: Turmeric Vertical Farming from ECN Hi-Tech Agri Pvt. Ltd.HITECH VERTICAL FARMING IN INDIAUS city adopts eco-friendly ‘vertical farming’Vertical Farming in Kakaako – Kerry KakazuDickson Despommier On Vertical Farming

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  • Rayan Agarm 3 months ago

    Pollywog tongue

  • Unicornz girl Gacha/roblox 3 months ago fake get it approved by Govt show on papers and balance sheet which is not showing yet 28th December 19.
    They will ask for investment from ur side around 25-40 lacs then god knows what will happen
    Only 100 people gv them assuming 30 lacs its 30 crores for them, so adversely they are doing vertical farming of 100 fools.
    Ask them to get it approved from ministry of agriculture of their claims of producing quantity of 100 acres in 1 acres and quality of product too.

  • pritam gogoi 3 months ago

    Sir what bout sunlight. Won't the Racks block sunlight.

  • Naveen AH 3 months ago

    Please remove irritating background music.

  • Atul Saboo 3 months ago

    Sincere doubts about productivity as the plants are not getting sufficient light and there is artificial grow lights. The leaves on outside the racks look green but what about the rhizomes at inside.

  • Bruce Lee 3 months ago

    You could have showed pictures of various aspects of the farming instead of focusing camera on your face.

  • Nikhil Yadvendu 3 months ago

    Very exciting concept..Is it possible to visit your site to learn more about it?

  • BIOFLOC FARMING WITH Happy fins 3 months ago

    Very good sir

  • Waqar Ahmed 3 months ago

    music volume was too low, you should have put it on louder

  • Kumar Umang 3 months ago

    Is there any internship program ?

  • shaa141 3 months ago

    It is not good because food products will not have ressitance power

  • Nisar Ahmed Ahmed 3 months ago

    Return on profit. Total investment after Land how much.

  • varghese thomas agriculture is my life 3 months ago

    If you want give information talk loud …

  • vicky # 3 months ago

    Hi sir,

    I am having 10 Tons of crop yield .

    It's in dry state.

    Can you please provide me the details for selling it.. marketing

    Bit confused now…
    Kindly let me know if you have any information

  • Hadi omar 3 months ago

    How do I get in touch with your company

  • n.k sharma 3 months ago

    Kya adark means.. ginger Ko bhi is method se UGA sakte he

  • KS PRADEEP 3 months ago

    Kindly remove the background music. It is a deterrent to attentive viewers.

  • Tamilan T 3 months ago

    pls give english we people can know

  • Anil Kumar 3 months ago

    Much more remains to be explained. Anyway good thing to be thought about.

  • Anant Basudev 3 months ago

    Need more information on this technology and viability on the same.