First Time Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes

My first time getting red tomatoes hydroponically. They were remarkably softer in texture than store-bought cherry tomatoes. I will try another type with a more compact growth in the future. Also the plants leaves were really droopy after just 3 weeks. Could be because of: Bad seeds, Water not aerated (kratky), disease or just wrong ph-value since i didn’t measure it.

The grow lights:

Nelson garden led ramps:… (You can equip every starter ramp with 2 connect ramps)

Hlg 65:…
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First Time Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes

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  • Sumit Saha

    I've managed to grow 4 tomato plants using hydroponics (kratky method) and all 4 are 6ft now. I was able to see good growth in all 4 until recently i notice that 1 of the tomato plant is having serious issue. All its leaves wilted all of a sudden. Rest 3 are growing good. Appreciate any solution to save the tomato plant with wilted leaves

  • hairyosoka hairyosoka

    i've been watching all of your videos, your cinematography is so simple & cool, please do more seed to harvest….

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