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John from goes on a field trip to an a Backyard Vegetable Garden started just 8 months ago at a Mobile Home Park in Las Vegas, Nevada that was started with little money. In this episode, you will learn about El Toro’s Backyard Vegetable Garden and why he started growing vegetables and how he started growing food using second hand merchandise he found on craigslist and You will get a tour of this amazing organic garden and how he is growing many different types of vegetables and some of his learning experiences and growing pains he has faced over the last 8 months that he has been vegetable gardening. John will highlight some of his favorite areas of the garden and what we can learn from this backyard garden of a new gardener who just started growing food this past season. Finally, John will interview El Toro, a former competitive eater who has now turned to organic vegetable gardening to keep himself out of trouble and turn his health around. Interview with El Toro 0:29:29 Interview with El Toro Starts 0:30:00 Is it true that you only started gardening this year? 0:30:25 What motivated you to start a garden? 0:34:50 Why did you start gardening in the first place? 0:40:20 So you use to be a Competitive Eater? 0:45:30 How did my videos affect your life? 0:47:15 Tell me about your shirt? 0:49:18 What are some crops that did the best for you this summer? 0:52:25 Why are you growing dandelions? 0:56:00 How did you get good deals on your gardening supplies? 1:01:54 What did you put in your soil to get these amazing results? 1:03:20 Any Final Words of Wisdom for my viewers today? After watching this episode, you will learn how you can start to grow […]

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  • Autumn Meadows 10 months ago

    I like your humility

  • Hasan Yilmaz 10 months ago

    your my hero too John Kohler and El Toro's is added to my friends of the earth

  • Terry Burns 10 months ago

    Learned a lot from this one. My neighbor and I share space for a garden of 4×12 raised beds and when I bought new windows for the house we used the windows we took out to make a 16×16 greenhouse (part of which is hydroponic). We just brought in a dump truck full of top soil to top off the beds for next year and populated a new worm farm so we are continuing to try and improve what we are doing. Obviously the raised beds are through for a few months but the greenhouse is doing great even with the horrendous temps we just had. A lot of what we do and try is based on what we learn from your videos.

  • I'm as enthusiastic about gardening as the next guy, but making it mandatory in schools is not a good idea. First, they're not going to do it organically. They'll be corrupted by Monsanto and Miracle Grow. Secondly, everyone is enthusiastic about something and we can't be adding everything everyone wants to curriculums. There are community gardens and 4H programs that we can support to get our kids involved in growing their own food. Letting government schools do it is a mistake. They can't even get the "3 R's" right.

  • Pam Hernandez 10 months ago

    Very motivational. Thanks, you guys!

  • Jodie Thuy 10 months ago

    Hi John! That’s wonderful! You are my inspiration! I’ve always wanted to meet you and discuss about gardening and veganism. What does it take to get you to film my garden? I’ve been gardening on and off for 4-5 years now after my dad passed away in 2012. I tried to keep my dad’s seeds going so that how I remember him and start my gardening. I ve learned a lot in the last 4 years from you and other gardeners to grow my food. I grow fruit trees and vegetables in both front and back yards because my front yard has lots of sun! My front yard is not as beautiful as yours but I grow a lot of fruit trees in it. I grow vegetables in a large raise bed. Im planning to make more raised beds and squeeze more vegetables around the fruit trees. So far I grow bananas, pigeon peas, goji berry, artichoke, tree collard and kales, blackberry , blueberry , Boisonberry, raspberry, apple, orange, lemon, plum, almond, cherries, mulberry, mangoes, avocados, peaches, decorative cabbage, bell peppers garlic onions gingers, figs, papayas in a residential area. I have some challenges growing jackfruit and noni. My tomatoes died when the weather started getting cold. I grow some sprouts for my salads. I wish 1 day I could grow all my groceries! I can tell you that in the last 4 years I rarely got sick. I remember when I consumed SAD diets I was sick every flu season for a week or so even with or without flu vaccine! And I also got seasonal allergies every time the of temperature changed!

  • javier godinez 10 months ago

    I've learn a lot from watching your videos.
    My vegetables are growing strong and healthy.
    Thanks John

  • chicchick13 10 months ago

    That is inspiring for renters !!

  • democolor42 10 months ago

    John Kohler is precious gift for the humanity. Wish he lived in my country!!!!!

  • Francois F 10 months ago

    hi, i have a question about wheatgrass. what is the life cycle of a tray of wheatgrass? in other words; how many times can i cut the wheatgrass in a tray and not lose in taste and most importantly nutrients? thanks and have a great day in our Lord and Savior Jesus-Christ. Amen.

  • Robert Gross 10 months ago

    John- using cinder blocks is risky for gardening. They leach heavy metals and bad chemicals used in manufacture. Much better products like wood or rock should be used in growing veggies.

  • Jon Nu 10 months ago

    love channel. 1.5 speed is best.

  • Hey John, I think you've met one of your soulmates in El Toro. He's so much like you… very passionate, very committed and has great lofty goals to share with world while helping himself. I love you both. Thank you for your efforts. You've also been an inspiration to me too. So glad to me you Jeremiah, appreciation for your efforts .. "taking action" is my 208 New Years resolution. Namaste to you both.

  • Mike Burke 10 months ago

    John, I too have been watching you for years and this is absolutely my single favorite episode! Also, I want that shirt!Seriously, can those be purchased?Way to go, El Toro. You, the man!

  • MrEnergyCzar 10 months ago

    Awesome raised garden beds..

  • So Cal 10 months ago

    Thanks for the encouragement for us that don't think we have a green thumb

  • Chris Hansen 10 months ago

    Could u ask the guy whose garden this is where he gets those Boxes(raised beds) & providea link please Mr. John?

  • leese 44 10 months ago

    Link for that shirt

  • Running Water in California 10 months ago

    Great episode. This guys so rad. It would be super cool if he started a channel.

  • Hil Wash 10 months ago

    Wow. I'm inspired to grow in my small area.