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My first attempt at growing Tomatoes and Strawberries in a hydroponic tower made from 110mm platic pipe. Video Rating: / 5 UPDATE: Hydroponic Garden Tower Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHydrokultur Garten mit PVC-Rohr Medien | Hydroponic Gardening with pvc Pipe MediaTomato Roots from 110mm Hydroponic tower systemHomemade Hydroponic System from Reused Plastic Bottle110 mm PVC pipe Hydroponic Towers – Year 2How to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesMy PVC pipe hydroponic garden week 7

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  • Carel Van Graan 1 year ago
  • Mike Walker 1 year ago

    Mark Heup
    Thanks for watching!
    All I did was plug it into an outlet and let it run 24/7.

  • Mark Heup 1 year ago

    Mike – thanks for the vids.  What timer do you use, and what watering frequency do you use?

  • Deb Lovemytechy 1 year ago

    UPS batteries are pricey but yeah I guess that would be the back up to go with..
    Sorry to bug you about this again, but do you know when you will be posting the update on the tower.. if it is more than a week can you give me some hints as to what you have upgraded a small note on them. I have everything ready and ready to finish this but I would rather use your experience after using it for a season. Thanks again..

  • Deb Lovemytechy 1 year ago

    Mike  another thing that came to mind was how disastrous would a couple of hours of power failure be to the plants in the tower since there is no media to keep the roots from drying out.. any ideas about that.. I was thinking of getting a backup power o run my pump in case of power failure every 30 min for 15 min till I get electricity back.. also pump failure would be a disaster.. I think anyone who uses these towers seriously should have a back up pump for the day that the pump stops working.
    Cutting the 3" PVC was not easy.. got  a 10" compound miter dewalt saw  and as much as I tried still half of the batch did not come out the same shape.. the 50 degree angel was hard to make without a laser or a clamp.  a 10 feet 3" PVC gives a lot of the net pod holders so no worries .. I think I will avoid putting the water pump inside the tower.. I will draw a line out of the pump through a whole in the 5*5 to keep the roots away from the pump and keep it unclogged.  

    For my nutrients I think I will go with this  chem-gro tomato mix  very cheap a 8-10 year supply for under 60$ or so. 

    For lighting I got induction lighting . expensive but the best one that pays of in long term. 

    looking forward to your update hopefully before I finish my tower.

  • Deb Lovemytechy 1 year ago

    watched the video couple of times trying to figure out how you did the top exactly.. maybe a drawing picture would help.. 
    so you can turn the whole pipe without turning the brace on top? so if the pipe is not glues to the brace keeping it center.. is there perhaps something under the brace from keeping it fall down? did you just use the same pvc cement for everything?

    what model pump do you use?

  • Mike Richards 1 year ago

    Mike I am sure your mention it somewhere but don't see it…..what brand, size, pump are you using for the single 6' tower you are building?

  • SleestaksRule 1 year ago

    I didn't know you uploaded this, just subscribed so I don't miss anything. I'll add this to the web page as well as any others that pop up. Somebody else just built one and said they would upload a video soon. The evolution of the tower. Great stuff.

  • Mike Walker 1 year ago

    Hi Keith , the reason I opted to avoid cutting the PVC back was a couple reasons. First setting the net pots part of the way inside I've found the nutrient solution could splash on the plant and burn it up and second I wanted to make it as easy for someone else to make without making it overly complicated

  • Keith Smith 1 year ago

    I like the improvements, but was wondering why you opted to avoid cutting the 3" PVC pipe back just a bit where part of the Net Cup would reside inside the tower?