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This is my first harvest of turnips for the year. This is the first time I planted them but they were very easy to grow. The Greek Tomatoes are starting to flower. Related PostsMy First Grow! – Dinafem Blue Kush – Harvest! 2.65 Pounds From Single Plant!! Part 1Abundant First HARVEST From The Organic Vegetable Garden 2018 | LucasGrowsBestHydroponic Ground Cherry Plant, First Mini Harvest!Sustainable Gardening Course, Sydney 2011Planting Onion Seed – Oct 2011 – The Vegetable @ Long Beach Indoor Gardening Expo 2011




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  • Tom Diana 1 year ago

    @HackerGuitarist Sure its zone 6 (south western PA) and 15-May was my last frost date. Thanks for watching.

  • mywootgarden 1 year ago

    Time traveler!!!!!! hows july?