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Jun 13, 2017: NOTE-Heat seems to be affecting quality of PTZ camera (Feed1). It’s possible a reboot would clear it, but with cooler temperatures predicted starting tomorrow, we have decided to wait on doing that. Sometimes when rebooting a device and can fail on the reboot. With the young so close to fledging we’d rather keep the PTZ camera active for now and investigate after the young fledge should we need too. PLEASE NOTE: Chat is for the educational purpose around understanding and learning about Peregrine falcons. We prefer chatters do not go off-topic during nesting season. Thank you. First chick hatch May 5th. Second chick hatch May 6th Third & Fourth chick hatch May 7th If you enjoy using our cameras please consider a donation to the NH Audubon Society at: Camera Feed1: Camera Feed2: Camera Feed3: Chat members are keeping log file of various activities/pictures they get through the day and can be seen here: Recording of 2017 Banding: Both parents feeding at the same time: WMUR Banding Video 2017: The comments section is meant to ask questions/comments about Peregrine Falcons as a learning tool for all. Comments that stray too far off-topic will be moderated or users even blocked. While we understand there are other languages spoken throughout the world, please use English, there are on-line translators that can be used. Also asking for subs, political, advertisements, using obscene language, hate speech, or similar post will be moderated and users may be banned from future commenting. Live view of Peregrine Nest & Perch in Manchester, New Hampshire, United States. Eggs are laid late March/early April, hatch late April/early May, and will fledged from the nest late May/early June. The young after they fledged will learn to hunt from the […]

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