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UL Labs exposed LiveRoof brand green roof modules to 10 minutes of surface flame in their Chicago lab. The protocol for spread of flame used to test the fire rating of roof shingles was selected to test the vegetated roof system, as no ASTM standard specifically written for vegetated roofs exists at this time. During this test, the modules were completely intact with no burns, melting or warping. The inorganic soil and the succulent plantings prevented the spread of flame beyond the initial ignition area. LiveRoof brand green roofs planted with succulents are expected to resist surface-applied flames. If populated with herbaceous perennials, maintenance staff must remove thatch / dried out foliage and keep the vegetation watered to prevent spread of surface-applied flame. As all LiveRoof soils are mostly inorganic according to FLL guidelines, surface applied flame is not expected to affect the modules or roof deck below. Learn more: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGreen Roof Wind Test: LiveRoofCocoon Modules: Tiny Nomadic Container Home with Green RoofOptigrHow to Maintain the LiveRoof Green Roof SystemPrairie Green RoofHow to Maintain a LiveRoof Green Roof

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