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I’ve been working on an experiment comparing water soluble fertilizers for hydroponic growing. Here is how it began: The final results are in. When it comes to hydroponics, Miracle Grow is not recommended because it has a form of nitrogen that is best suited for use in the soil. It does poorly in a hydro application. The 4-18-38 hydroponic fertilizer that I have been using for awhile now absolutely kicks butt. My recommendation for anyone wanting to grow hydroponic vegetables is this: find a true hydroponic fertilizer to use, and leave the Miracle Grow products for the soil. The results speak for themselves. My new facebook page: I show you how to make a simple Kratky container to grow a tomato plant. We also try it in a traditional garden and an NFT system. I usually grow just leafy greens but people have been asking me about other veggies. Going to give this a try. I have a small eBook to help beginners. This helps me to continue to make content for this channel. Marty’s Garden Pepe Fassos Hydroponic Gardening & More with Brent Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsOrganic Hydroponic Fertilizer Experiment Nov 2013Failed Again – Organic Hydroponic Fertilizer ExperimentPee Pee-ponics experiment results- hydroponics without the chemicals, aquaponics without the fish.Hydroponic Vs Soil Experiment – 6 Weeks Growth ComparisonHydroponic Fertilizer : What I Use & How to Mix ItHydroponic Tomatoes – The Results of the Wetpot and Anovapot Systems

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  • God's Girl 101 2 weeks ago

    I have a question, hope it doesnt sound stupid im new n learning. Is this all organic stuff your using and is it producing organic produce? Gotta know TIA

  • Kennth Thompson 2 weeks ago

    what size tea cups

  • VCR DOC 2 weeks ago

    DID YOU KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR PH this could have been the problem maybe

  • Jerman559 2 weeks ago

    Why did you use the Jacks 20-20-20? Have you tried something different with Jacks?

  • Kevin 2 weeks ago

    no taste test?

  • Duci1989 2 weeks ago

    I thought it was nonsense, but you convinced me. Thanks!

  • Alejandro Gutierrez 2 weeks ago

    Hello mhpgardener, I've watched a couple of your videos and I enjoyed them. I am very focused on hydroponics nutrition. What other hydroponic fertilizers do you know or would recommend for great yields and overall plant health. Also, did you engage in foliar feeding?

  • Matt Jimenez 2 weeks ago

    First one had some clean looking water – the others, not so much. Sold out to master blend / chem grow?

  • Zo Kocev 2 weeks ago

    Where can I buy online dry Hydroponic Nutrients except Amazon ?

  • M TODD 2 weeks ago

    Nice job ! Thank you for sharing .

  • SUK MIKE HOK l 2 weeks ago

    i give a fresh water flush every month than nutrient and have very good results

  • Craig Reid 2 weeks ago

    did you use just master blend or did you make the mix from your fertilizer video with calcium nitrate and epsom salt?

  • Tvzblaze Ggg 2 weeks ago

    jack's does make a hydroponic fertilizer

    the problem with these is a lack of micro nutrients, not just cal and mag.
    i like maxi bloom or maxi grow from general kydroponics

  • bruce don 2 weeks ago

    You answered all my questions. Big thanks to you. I'm getting started.thats a lot of food in one box,

  • David Moore 2 weeks ago

    my masterblend is 4-12-25 ad said it was was 4-18-38

  • Jahedur Rahman 2 weeks ago


    You can get the Masterblend 4-18-38 Hydropronic Mix from the following stores in the US. I could not find any retailers in Europe/UK. The only company that does worldwide shipping with great communication and service was Custom Hydronutrients.

    Morgan County Seeds, Missouri (customer service is terrible)
    Custom Hydronutrients, Missouri (customer service is brilliant)
    Power Grow Systems, Utah (have never tried)


    Order the following items for perfect blend.

    Masterblend Fertilizer 4-18-38
    Calcium Nitrate 15.5-0-0
    Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt)

    **IMPORTANT! Do not mix the 3 components together! Doing so will cause nutrient lockout and all the nutrients will not be available to your plants. You can mix the MasterBlend and Epsom Salts together, but not the Calcium Nitrate! Wait until both are completely dissolved in warm water. Ideally you should mix each component separately in hot/warm water until thoroughly dissolved before mixing the next component. DO NOT BUY KITS THAT ARE PREMIXED!


    1 Gallon Recipe:
    2.4 grams MasterBlend 4-18-38 2.4 grams
    Calcium Nitrate 15.5-0-0 1.2 grams
    Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt)

    5 Gallon Recipe: (Classic Masterblend mix)
    12 grams MasterBlend 4-18-38 12 grams
    Calcium Nitrate 15.5-0-0 6 grams
    Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt)

    You're welcome

  • Lee Lee 2 weeks ago

    interesting! monster lettuce !!!

  • Cw Pemberton 2 weeks ago

    how does it taste as compared to the garden.

  • DiveCrewCanada 2 weeks ago

    Would it be possible that the Miracle Grow problem resides in possibly the fact that it doesn't remain in suspension in the water? I would be curious to hear at how it fares in a circulating system if anyone had tried?

  • MyOtherNewName 2 weeks ago

    I do t know anything about nutrients, and am a beginner. I just built a A-Frame NFT system, Got my seeds started and went to the Hydro store. They sold me a Botanicare CNS17 Grow 3-1-2. Is this wrong? All help is appreciated.

    Note: I'm trying to grow lettuce and other type greens.

  • E. Lynn Philipp 2 weeks ago

    I am so thrilled and excited to get started in hydroponic gardening and I couldn't have chosen a better teacher than you to learn from!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge; a very selfless contribution to our needy planet. I will keep you apprised of my success, positive thinking due to your help.

  • Linda Carll 2 weeks ago

    Do you ever need to change water? Does the water get bad from no airation?

  • Rita Rivera 2 weeks ago


  • Hallward Hallward 2 weeks ago

    This video is so great!

  • DJ Nunya 2 weeks ago

    I consider you a new friend Mike and I am so grateful for your sharing, caring attitude.

  • Dianna Setzer 2 weeks ago

    I am new to hydroponics but I am learning so much! Just wanted to say thank you for all you do

  • WeNeedLoveAndTruth 2 weeks ago

    Loved the info in the video. Now, distracted driving is the new DUI. Try not to do video production behind the wheel!

  • Edward M 2 weeks ago

    What an inspiration you are sir!

  • what do you call or name of that foam you are using instead of rockwool.

  • Di Cres 2 weeks ago

    How are the 3 different methods going?

  • Molly Leonard 2 weeks ago

    Just found you. This would be so good for seniors and inner city folks. Love the recycle and experimenting too. Thanks

  • Benja's Uber 1337 Hobby 2 weeks ago

    New sub I liked your video. I use the Kratky system too 🙂 I can't wait to see how these 3 differ in growth 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  • Levent Oerkue 2 weeks ago

    That dog is so chubby xD

  • martysgarden 2 weeks ago

    I would give my expertise on the look of these, and say that they are indeterminate. They will still throw side shoot suckers that you can use as cuttings.
    Loving my Bok Choy here,,had some Baby leaf in my noodles today,,,
    Looking forward to more vids and whatever you throw at us.
    All the best
    ps: I haven't seen you grow any Khangkong yet,,you got some growing Mike? It would be a perfect plant for your setup.

  • GippslandBirds 2 weeks ago

    do you have a system for checking the water level in your downpipe planters or do you just remove a plant to see?

  • gigharbourite 2 weeks ago

    I'm watching you on my TV, so much better! I can see all the detail. everybody should watch on your TV with the YouTube App.

  • Hydroponic Gardening & More with Brent 2 weeks ago

    Look forward to see them love maters growing Mike. I enjoy the community and making friends here as well. Video is very nice and thanks for sharing your thoughts and future plans. :O)