Each pool must have its own filter, where the water enters and leaves clean. In most swimming pools a sand filtration system is used, because it guarantees a long life and good filtration quality, as well as an economical price. The filter must be purchased according to the size of the pool and is generally sold supplied with the pool. For a complete recirculation of the water, in the case of an average pool, it takes four to six hours. If the pool is used continuously, the filter must always be in operation. Each sand filter shows the filtering capacity and pump flow rate on the package. Often when you buy a pool with a very affordable price, it may happen that the pump is not able to circulate the entire total water capacity and therefore with the passage of time, the pool water becomes more and more dirty. . It will then be necessary to contact a dealer to purchase another pump capable of filtering the entire amount of water. The sand filter consists of a cylinder-shaped container into which the sand is inserted. The pump sends the water to the filter from the top and during the passage cleans itself completely. The sand filter must be washed every fortnight and a more thorough inspection is required at the end of the season. Backwashing is necessary when the pool will no longer be used. You have to check the level of the sand and add more if it is missing.

filters for swimming pools

filterWhen starting to use the pool, we must never neglect the cleaning of the filter because there can also be the risk of bacterial contamination. Do not think that mushrooms are easy to take only in public pools, because it can also happen in private pools, if maintenance and cleaning are not done correctly. There are also substances to be diluted in water. Only after backwashing can the filter be put back into operation. If you follow every single procedure regularly, the filter can last for a few years, otherwise you are forced to change it every year.

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The cartridge filter uses a cartridge instead of sand and, although it is very effective because it is able to capture even the finest dirt, it gets dirty very quickly. It has a low cost and requires little space. To clean the filter, the cylinder must be opened and washed under running water. The cartridge usually lasts a year but may need to be replaced sooner due to limescale. If the condition is not so dramatic, an anti-limescale product can be used, but it has a fairly high cost. If you use the latest generation of algaecides, the risk is that the filter can get clogged. This filter is often used for small above ground pools and its operation is very simple: by means of a hose connected to the pool and to the pump, the water passes into the cartridge filter, captures the dirt and then returns to the pool by means of of the other tube. The smaller or larger capacity of the filter to suck up the dirt present in the pool depends on the size of the pump. Inground pools also require cleaning of the filter system.

The above ground pool has three filters: the skimmer basket, the bag and the pump filter basket. The skimmer basket will need to be cleaned every three days. To remove it, simply twist it slightly. The pump filter basket should be cleaned less frequently. So that the pool is always ready to be used and the water can guarantee a good level of cleanliness, it is important that the filter, whatever it is, is always perfectly clean. Only by ensuring proper maintenance of it will it be possible to reuse it also the following year. One notices its malfunction when the water begins to take on a strange color, in which case it will be necessary to take action immediately, in order not to worsen the situation. To check the filter operation of a small pool, you can decide to empty it and refill it after checking.

When the choice between the sand filter and the cartridge filter is presented, it is always necessary to ask the retailer all the disadvantages and advantages that each of them can offer and choose the one that best meets your needs but above all the one that is best in proportion to the pool. . As we said before, at the time of purchasing the pool, the pump is already present in the package. To check whether or not it can be adequate for filtering all the water, just put it into operation and see if it maintains its initial state in a couple of days. If this is not the case, it is better to replace it immediately, otherwise there is also the risk of compromising the cleanliness of the bottom of the tank. Being advised by an expert is always the best solution whether it is in-ground pools or above-ground pools.

Many people who own a garden have a dream, and that is to build a swimming pool inside it. After purchasing it it is good to install a filter. For assembly, we suggest that the cartridge filter is inserted inside the pump after having closed the valves that allow water to enter it and after having unscrewed the pump cap. The sand filter needs to be checked periodically and is placed inside a cylindrical container. Thorough washing must be carried out every fortnight and each time the pool is used for the new season, before starting it, it is necessary to check that the sand level is adequate. Above ground pools, on the other hand, have three filters, each of which performs an autonomous function but in any case dependent on each other.

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