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This is for the fans of Optic Gaming and Optic Nation aka the #GreenWall …instrumental by Kid Peace, channel here Lyrics: You can tell when they ADS Lot of wins to bring dollars in and your wallet slim like you shady esque and you wonder how you aint made it yet now they lookin like they depressed since crim and formal joined nade and seth and then teep and karma plus proof and swanny we shoot your body you lay to rest the green wall gonna pack seats and it don’t matter where they got a match at passed that fall quota last week old money in the car like an antique man we been steady supporters since they had pennies and quarters borders were never a factor at worst there’s plenty of foreigners green wall is not just fan base We a force on a rampage can’t ignore us on a bad day win important awards boys just ask nade and of course as soon as a new opportunity knocks we usually tell the community watch as we take an ovation and thank all the patient amazing believers that keep both our teams on the top Man I been a fan since day one I used to watch vids when I ate lunch saw hecz montage in modern warfare 2 I mean before hecz could afford their food back when seth got shouted out by ronaldinho in 2012 back when snipers were going ham and matt never knew how that money felt back before big t retired and before champs was xp back before we had trickshotters and these big sponsors on the best teams I saw em win 400k back when they were known as a clan of snipers back when they played sabotage with no camouflage […]

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  • imthatkid gamer 1 year ago

    hope they can do it aging this year

  • Josh Burgess 1 year ago

    It was their year

  • Shade Games 1 year ago

    THIS SONG GETS ME MAN <33333 GREAT SONG keep up the amazing work

  • TheBestAtSkating 1 year ago

    You were right! OG was the goat in AW. Let's get it in BO3

  • FC BeastMode 1 year ago

    Yall deserve more followers keep doing yall thing and yall will get there been a fan for a long time since the first songs fav song has to be the Big T I'm a scumbag song lol 

  • GodSent NinetyOne 1 year ago

    Isn't it odd how both of the rosters have changed already? :/

  • Robert Lopez 1 year ago

    I swear that new wiz kalifa song "see you again" sounds exactly like this. Well the intro..

  • Bubba YT 1 year ago

    Make all these Optic songs available to buy or download! 

  • Dalton Burton 1 year ago

    Such a quick video with such a big meaning 

  • Jason James 1 year ago

    yo i forgot about ronaldinho what happened to him

  • It's Viperrr 1 year ago

    why don't you have more sub? Your songs are straight fire!

  • uhmz1212 1 year ago

    Best work so far i think. Keep it up!!

  • Tyler Smith 1 year ago

    Yo this song is straight fire!!!!' Nice lyrics man. 

  • losirisOG 1 year ago

    what about the og's we need that optic pred og song lol u know when optic was the main sniping team what about those days?? btw i listen to ur music all the time and my friend gets annoyed when i play but this is my jam they need a MrEmceeC radio on iheart radio no lie

  • Pandemops 1 year ago

    listening to this again and the last part is so good man

  • ItsHolo 1 year ago

    Been listening to all your Vids since close to the beggining I love all of the songs #GreenWall <3 forever

  • jdklein033 1 year ago

    Has anyone tweeted this to Matt yet?

  • JondMusik 1 year ago

    dope song homie! i have an optic song i want you to get on if your down? lmk

  • Robert Gomez 1 year ago

    Kingdom Soldier Sent me