Hi, 2 months ago I was given a ficus ginseng. For the first time it lost some leaves but I read on several forums that, given the change of environment, normal. He seemed to have recovered but now, a few days ago he started again. Is it perhaps appropriate to administer vitamins, to decant it or something else? if yes, can you recommend suitable vitamins and also, for repotting, should I contact an expert or can I do it alone? thanks for your attention. 🙂 🙂

Ficus ginseng

Dear Irene,

bonsai are very beautiful plants, and often the specimens we see in the nursery, or receive as a gift, are the result of years and years of cultivation by expert and careful hands; to keep a bonsai in good health, it is necessary to take care of it in the right way, or we risk that the plant draws our attention, for example by losing part of the foliage. Leaf loss is a fairly important symptom, especially when we grow an evergreen plant, which usually changes leaves, but only sheds a few from time to time, without being bare or with sparse foliage. The first problem I think about in these cases is related to irrigation: too little or too much water initially causes the exact same symptom, namely the loss of foliage. Bonsai live in very small pots, so they are very quickly affected by climatic changes and water shortages or excesses: their roots are contained, and therefore even the slightest suffering of the root system results in very evident symptoms in the plant. In particular, ficus ginseng loves semi-shaded or shady locations, with good ventilation (or the risk of scale insects developing) and loves to be watered regularly. This means that watering should be given every 2-3 days, in summer, about once a week in autumn, sporadically in winter. Therefore, we avoid that the soil always remains constantly soaked with water, because with a soil that is always wet the roots suffocate and rot. At the same time we avoid leaving the soil dry for a long time, because the plant lives in a pot, and cannot stretch its roots to look for water in the open ground. Often the bonsai kept in the nursery are not cared for in the best way, and in their pots there is a small stiff and compact bread of earth, which tends to get wet like a sponge or to become dry and rigid; to avoid that this soil is always dry, or always wet, it is advisable to take some care when watering the plant. Basically, it is good to check with your fingers if the soil is well wet in depth after watering; and in the same way, we check that it has dried, before watering again, if it is fresh and humid, we postpone watering for at least a day. If the bread of earth is dry and stiff, when we water it the water will flow on the soil, and will come out of the holes in the pot, to then stagnate in the saucer; to improve this situation, and to rehydrate the earthen bread, we water by immersion: we put the pot in a tray, and fill with water up to the outer edge of the pot; when the surface of the soil is moist, remove the pot from the water, let it drain for at least 5 minutes and reposition it in the saucer. This watering operation often makes watering more sporadic. From March to September, we also provide little fertilizer, dissolved in water, choosing a specific fertilizer for bonsai.

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ficus ginseng – Bonsai Questions and Answers

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