Those who have a passion for gardening or in any case usually adorn their terraces with plants of various types are well aware of the importance of choosing vases that have shapes and characteristics suited to their personal needs.

fiberglass vases

fiberglass vases When we talk about fiberglass we refer to an innovative material because it is modern, which has special qualities of resistance, lightness and also elasticity. All qualities that make objects in general and flower vases in particular more manageable, especially for people who are older in age.

The use of this new material is now widespread in many sectors, from the production of boat hulls to various furnishing accessories.

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fiberglass vases The manufacturing process of these jars involves the use of a silicone rubber mold. The mold must take the form of a particular model which is generally made of terracotta, plaster or ceramic. At this point the glass wool must be inserted in layers. The wool must be soaked in resin, which is allowed to harden. This simple procedure is repeated a few times, until the formal result is achieved.

Once dried, the shape detaches from its mold to be assembled with another identical one, previously created with the same system and fixed with additional layers of fiberglass. At this point the pot that has been obtained can be subjected to the classic manual roughing operations. The surfaces obtained must be cleaned, smoothed and polished with care and patience. Later they are colored with porcelain paints.

fiberglass vases In addition to lightness and resistance to the deteriorating action of atmospheric agents, fiberglass vases are very similar to traditional terracotta ones. In addition, they are not subject to breakage in the event of a fall, with consequent leakage of the earth and consequent damage to the root system of plants. These pots can be cleaned very easily and have a remarkable resistance to the degenerative effects of UV rays, therefore they tolerate well the prolonged exposure to high temperatures typical of the southern regions.

The particular production process of vases (or planters) made of fiberglass allows to create a wide range of models to offer to customers, with different finishes.

The Thiene high type and the Quadrum type should be noted, which have a strong line, but at the same time well adaptable to any furnishing need.The Kiam vase and the Kube high vase can be defined as real sculptures, for their sinuous profile.The tall Thiene vase, having a rather dark color, goes well, by contrast, with environments where the dominant colors are clear, delicate.It is also recommended for gardens or spaces near swimming pools.The Quadrum vase has a enveloping line and can be used as a furnishing accessory, both for exteriors and interiors of apartments or public places. The Kube hight vase has a slender but spartan structure. It has a rectangular shape but is very elegant. It appears indicated, to give a concrete example, to furnish beauty care centers or hairdressing shops.The Kiam vase has a very modern and decisive line and can be used to create many combinations with various types of real or fake plants. also point out the possibility of having luminous fiberglass vases made, which ensure a striking visual impact. The latter are particularly suitable for the outdoor furnishing of bars or clubs that usually stay open until late.

The box called Klie has a simple shape, yet it is very elegant, due to some decorations.

The Gardenie box is a rectangular vase with smooth walls. It has a curved edge, designed to make it particularly easy to handle. It is ideal for balconies and terraces, while the Coste cistern has a particularity, namely that of having a special space for the water reserve, which makes it possible to constantly monitor watering. This feature allows you to always keep the rate constant. of humidity.

The Africa vase has a characteristic cone shape. It has for rounded lines. The light that diffuses soft, restful, suitable for those who need to spend a few hours in complete relaxation at the end of a day of study or work.

The Bassano vase has very soft shapes and emanates a light capable of creating particular suggestions in the surrounding environment. The Garden Wall Kit wall vase is very original. It is a vase that can be used as a picture, at the interior of which to give life to plant or artificial floral compositions. This is a novelty that is enjoying considerable success. It is also very suitable for furnishing medical or professional offices in general.


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