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❀ This is my third video in my FFXIV gardening series, covering Indoor Gardening with Flower Pots. ❀ Twitter 🐦 @xepla [from the 3.3 patch notes:] Obtaining Flower Vases Flower vases can be purchased from the following NPCs: Mist (X:10.8 Y:11.5) – Housing Merchant The Lavender Beds (X:11.8 Y:8.4) – Housing Merchant The Goblet (X:11.4 Y:9.4) – Housing Merchant Oldrose seeds, red pomace, blue pomace, and mountain pomace can be purchased from the following NPCs: Mist (X:11.0 Y:11.4) – Material Supplier The Lavender Beds (X:11.9 Y:8.3) – Material Supplier The Goblet (X:10.9 Y:8.9) – Material Supplier You can get Althyk Lavender and Voidrake for Grand Company Seals at 500 seals each, or from your housing district’s Resident Caretaker for 300 FC Credits. ▼ LINKS ▼ FFXIV Gardening Basics for Beginners ➳ FFXIV Gardening – Advanced Tips & Tricks ➳ SUPER HELPFUL GARDENING RESOURCE ➳ Oldrose Color Testing spreadsheet shown in the video ➳ M U S I C ♪ Provided by MA Free – “Home” by Noxive (link: ) Follow Noxive • • • FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark of Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. FINAL FANTASY XIV © 2010 – 2016 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. Related PostsВертикальное озеленение, кашпо, вазоны || Planters, vertical gardening, flower potsVegetables grown in potsComplete Umbrella Light Kit Guide for Indoor GardeningCANNABIS PLANTS IN FLOWER – INDOOR GARDENING GROW VLOG UPDATEDIY Wooden Wall Sconces (Wall Mounted Flower Pots)Flower Pots , RIOGOO Iron Hanging Flower Pots,Balcony Garden Pots Wall Planters Metal Bucket Flower

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  • Pandora Heinstein (Pandora DRK) 1 year ago

    Much useful one. I was wondering what to do with these roses and stuff. Added your guide to my list!

  • xAshe10x 1 year ago

    Awesome thanks for the guides

  • SirenoftheVoid 1 year ago

    Wow,so much research! Most impressive!This is really appreciated,thank you :)

  • desthekid 1 year ago

    I was just thinking about putting flowers in my house; thanks for this video!

  • Raim Surion 1 year ago

    You have the best voice for these guides. Im not sure why but it always stands out.

  • PiercingTheSky 1 year ago

    Thanks for making this guide! It's very well done and nicely edited too!

  • CaptCondon 1 year ago

    o/ love your vids, even though I don't garden.

  • Maarit Salkosuo 1 year ago

    Wow, I am impressed by your spreadsheet!

    I done some tests too but only got the feeling off the %, never wrote anything down 🙂

    I love your videos, you are really, really good <3

  • Jay DeBard 1 year ago

    Once again, amazing job!