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Folks, we’ve learned not to force the plants to grow in the direction in which we want them to grow. For a more robust crop, we’ve learned to allow them to use their energies the ways in which they want to use them. Here’s our Feng Shui method of trellis gardening. We hope you enjoy it. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsCucumber and squash trellis (for under $10)How to Make a 6 foot Cucumber & Vegetable Trellis in 15 Minutes: Grow Vertical! – TRG 2014How to grow Chayote Squash VinesHOW TO GROW SQUASH, CUCUMBER AND CANTALOUPE ON TRELLISESHow to grow a verticle upright squash plant and other vines in a small garden space Part 2Vertical Gardening – DIY Cucumber Trellis – Week 8

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  • Mary Huse 7 months ago

    Here is your calling…feng shui gardening

  • R Irwin 7 months ago

    I have a cucumber plant in a pot on my deck. It is traveling every where. I tried tying it up and only got 7 cucumbers from it. Then I saw your video and am trying running twine from the railings on the deck and laying the cucumber vines over it so I do not constrict any part of the plant. So I am hoping this changes things for the production of cucumbers for me. I only have a small space so can not run my plant every where like in your video. But at least is is breathing better now I am sure.

  • Pathetic People OBSERVER Your MAMA FAILED 7 months ago

    I've just come across your videos. I just love them! Love cucumbers..ummm. I'm going to the store.(not nearly as good as right out of the garden) Along as fresh tomatoes
    My dear Aunt in Georgia, would go pick a.good tomato and make a good tomato sandwich…straight from HEAVEN!!

  • smiling sam 7 months ago


  • MONICA SICKELS 7 months ago

    Just FYI… I'm not in my 30s I'm 54 and I'm loving your videos…. I remember the Tella Tubbies but it's only because my kids watched them when they were little… Lol. I to practice some Feng Shui… Not alot but some. 🙂

  • Alison Clark 7 months ago