Feng Shui Garden Design

How to design a good Feng Shui garden, backyard or balcony. No matter how big your garden is, it is an extension of your home. Good design and proper maintenance will bring you liveliness and good luck. Gardening can be healing and meditation. The more effort we put in the garden, the better we will get in return. 🏮 Link to our Amazon Feng Shui Therapy and Enhancer page: (This is an affiliate page to facilitate your shopping. I will earn a small commission at no extra charge.) 📕Our “2021 Feng Shui Plan and Calendar” e-book PDF format: 📖 Paperback “Feng Shui Plan and Calendar for 2021” from Amazon (USA): Amazon Japan Link (If you live in Asia, shipping may be cheaper): ———— – ——— 🐮 For the 2021 Year of the Ox, please watch this playlist: 💻 Visit the Picturehealer website for blog posts: 💌 Subscribe to the Picturehealer email list here for updates and free downloads: 🎬 Subscribe Picturehealer YouTube channel (new feng shui videos every Friday night) 🎥 Visit our sister channel: Creative Tien videos for machine knitting, sewing and handmade: ————– ———–📶 Follow social Instagram: Pinterest: Facebook:.


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